WATCH: Is A COUP Imminent? This Video Is VERY Disturbing

Published on March 6, 2017

Looks like a storm is brewing.

All you need to do is flick on the news to see how polarized the nation is getting. (And even they have taken sides.)

On one hand, you have the establishment. Their higher allegiances are to globalist causes, not national ones.

On the other hand, you have faithful patriots.


These groups are increasingly coming into conflict. You may have noticed the obstruction at every level of President Trump installing his Cabinet.

President Trump is being Actively #resisted by entrenched insiders.

We desperately need to #DrainTheSwamp sooner rather than later.

And just like we are marking the 5th year after the passing of Andrew Breitbart — which raised up a movement of citizen journalists under the banner of ‘#IAmBreitbart to unify the counter-culture — Alex is calling for a similar movement to stand up to and oppose the entrenched establishment.

For a nation that was FOUNDED on a rebellion of overarching political control of the people by the government, this should be as natural as breathing.

Check it out.

And if you’re on board with his plan, let us know in the comments.

Share if it’s time SOMEBODY finally put those swamp-dwellers back in their place.

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