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WATCH: Furious Bro Videos Muslim Welfare Queen SCAMMING Our System

Still think Social handouts make people ‘grateful’? Not after you watch this!

Your tax dollars at work. Do you really believe she’s the only one pulling this scam?

A lawyer in New York was purchasing items at his local grocery store when he encountered a Muslim woman buying a huge cart full of soda using her food stamp card.

From her conversation, he quickly learned that the soda wasn’t for her or her family however, but was being purchased with food stamps so she could then re-sell them at her convenience store.

Soda. Not milk. Not bread. Not food. Just soda.

He followed her out to the parking lot and challenged her on the morality of what she’s doing. That’s when her foul-mouthed tirade started.

What’s your name? He asked her after telling her she was committing fraud. “My name is ‘F**K America”

She was born here. But she has no real allegiance to America.

That’s what decades of Leftist grievance-mongering and ethnic division has gotten for us.

We’re now seeing a generation of people BORN here who think food stamps are for personal profit, rather than as financial bridging for the genuinely destitute.

The American dream used to be self-employment through honorable work. Now it’s about gaming the system and soaking working stiffs for whatever they can.

This Muslim chick dared to criticize an American on the ‘slaves’ issue.

Clearly, she doesn’t know that she belongs to the only major religion that still endorses slave-holding. An American Muslim Professor says Sharia condones Rape and Slavery.

Look up Barbary Pirates Slave trade, or Janissaries before trotting out that accusation, chickie.

So what should we do with such freeloaders? There is plenty of free food and drink in prison.

Either way, they shouldn’t get another DIME from the government for their entire lives.

Share if Freeloading is NOT the American Dream, and should NOT be tolerated.