WATCH: ‘To Make Health Care More Affordable … DEPORT Illegal Aliens!’

Published on March 14, 2017

Wanna see that blue-eyed ‘Hispanic’ guy from Univision lose it? Show him THIS.

Congressman Mo Brooks (R-AL) fielded the usual leading questions quite well. He answered the ‘fewer people covered’ question with:

I would like to see people voluntarily purchase health insurance in order to minimize their risk of a significant loss because of illness. But this is America. We believe in liberty and we believe in freedom. If you’re going to believe in liberty and freedom than you cannot with a heavy boot of the federal government force people to purchase insurance.

So far so good.

Overall, it seemed like an ordinary ‘here’s what I don’t like about the Health Care changes’ conversation (still too expensive) until he gets asked one key question.

The CNN talking head tried to plead the case for Obamacare. Do you CARE about who won’t be covered.

(Sure, until it was time to actually use it and pay that deductible — but the Congressman went another direction.)

The interviewer got an answer that he was NOT anticipating. (The main exchange begins at the 3:50 mark.)

If you want to get into the affording aspect of it, the best thing we can do in the federal government to ensure people can afford health care is to do things that will help increase wages. And one of the best things to help increase wages for working Americans is to deport the illegal aliens that have flooded the marketplace. Suppressing wages for all Americans and, in addition to that, those illegal aliens have taken job opportunities from American citizens.

He goes on from there to explain how many millions of illegals are in the workforce. What will happen to wages if that labor pool dries up. How that will help raise the wages of Americans generally, and help make things like health care fit more comfortably within a family budget.

He didn’t even get into the hidden costs of illegal aliens showing up at Emergency Rooms, getting treatment (in the most expensive per-capita facilities available) and stiffing us on the bill.

Would that affect the Big Picture for both individual families and the nation as a whole?

Sure! It would make a YUGE difference.

But the Democrats won’t like it. It means they won’t be able to count on illegals for joining in their protests, or even voting — whether now or sometime in the future.

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