WATCH: Muslim POS Racially Abuses Person – But It’s OK Because He Muslim

You can bet THIS guy doesn’t have a Prius with a ‘coexist’ bumper sticker.

We’re not quite sure what triggered this tirade.

But he sure is one MOUTHY racist SOB. The white guy here didn’t even seem to be very threatening.

Is that why the angry Muslim ranted and swore like that? Becuase he knew he wouldn’t get any pushback?

Or was it because he knew he had a buddy or two (at least) in the background, ready to back him up if he actually got slapped around for being an a-hole. (Watch as he keeps looking back to him/them for encouragement.)

This REALLY brave guy even threatened the woman filming it. See for yourself.

(Language warning.)

“Look at you – you eat pork and you look like pork, you fucking pig – you fucking pussy!”

(Around now, he looked backward to his buddies for backup.)

The ‘this ain’t your country‘ line after calling his mother all manner of profanities was particularly charming.

Then there was part where he worked up some spit and snot and got ready to spit on the woman filming this.

Way to represent your ‘Religion of Peace’ you miserable POS.

Tell us again how ALL religions are about ‘Keeping the Golden Rule’?

Becuase this guy didn’t get the memo. Nor did a LOT of others.

Share this video of your ‘Friendly Neighborhood’ Muslim Bullies.

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