WATCH: This Video Of A DRONE Flying With DUCKS Is Pretty Damn Cool

Ever wonder what it would be like to fly among the ducks? Why wonder? You can see for yourself!

Simply amazing!


Adventure Filmmaker – Executive Producer – Director – Founder

Tom Opre


As a 2nd generation outdoor communicator, Tom has made educating the public on wildlife conservation and stewardships issues a main priority of his business. As the past president of the Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA) he has worked to help other outdoor communicators and industry leaders understand and present a unified message regarding the top issues facing wildlife conservation today. Today, he serves as chairman of the board of directors for Crucial to Conservation, a non-profit tasked with a mission to promote broader public understanding and the critical importance of modern day wildlife conservation and habitat stewardship. Globally.

Since 1990, Opre has produced and/or directed national television commercial projects for Fortune 500 companies, feature films and episodic television. In 2015, he wrapped the award-winning Eye of the Hunter™, a seven year prime-time run on NBC Sports which was one of the highest rated television shows in the outdoor fieldsports genre. Known as a highly regarded action, extreme sport cinematographer he has filmed top professionals and X-Game athletes in the world. Opre’s Youtube channel has seen over 26 million views. Currently, he produces Eye of the Hunter™ and the reality show Extreme Huntress™, exclusively online Gunbroker’s online video platform promoted to over 17 million unique monthly visitors, and various wildlife conservation film projects around the world.

Opre resides on his small ranch in the Flathead Valley of Montana with his wife Olivia and their four children.


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