WHOA, MAMA! Residents SUE City To STOP Construction Of Mosque

Published on March 13, 2017

And even Progressives afraid of being called ‘Islamophobic’ might agree with this suit.

Every Progressive’s nightmare scenario. What do you do when two groups with a liberal ‘free pass’ come into conflict?

On one side, one must NEVER say no to Islamic religious requests. At any time. For any reason.

We have seen photos — even in New York — of streets being completely blocked by Muslims kneeling on the street to pray; without even a ‘move along, you aren’t allowed to block traffic’.

On the OTHER side, the left embraces wider and wider government control over more and more areas of our life. Increasingly, we do what they PERMIT us to do.

In some instances… these are nothing but overreach. In OTHER instances, there is a rational explanation for it.

Zoning laws, for example. You don’t want someone to build a pulp mill right next to a preschool. Or a restaurant. It’s bad for the neighborhood.

There are other reasons — traffic capacity, water and sewage service, noise ordinances — that make zoning laws relevant.

But when ONE privileged group decides to IGNORE zoning laws, and build anyway? You have the basis for conflict.

Especially for the neighbors affected by the new building project, who were NOT consulted. Scratch that. They WERE consulted. The planning committee voted 9-0 AGAINST this project. But they are going ahead with it anyway.

Today, the American Freedom Law Center (AFLC) filed a civil rights lawsuit against the City of Sterling Heights, Michigan, and its Mayor, Michael C. Taylor, alleging violations of federal and state law. The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan on behalf of seven residents of the City who oppose the construction of a Mosque in their largely Chaldean Christian neighborhood.

… This past Friday, March 10, the district court judge presiding over AICC’s federal lawsuit signed the Consent Judgment and closed the case. By doing so, the judge effectively authorized the City to violate its zoning ordinance by allowing the construction of the Mosque. AFLC’s lawsuit alleges that this was improper and is asking in its lawsuit that the court declare the Consent Judgment invalid and unenforceable.

AFLC Co-Founder and Senior Counsel Robert Muise commented,

“The City’s decision to enter into the Consent Judgment was a fait accompli. The City Council meeting was a compete sham. Indeed, this meeting was not an example of democracy in action; it was an example of a naked abuse of government power.”

…The gravamen of AFLC’s lawsuit, however, is its challenge to the Consent Judgment. AFLC is asking the court to declare the agreement invalid and unenforceable. According to the filing, a federal consent decree or settlement agreement, such as the Consent Judgment entered into between AICC and the City and signed by the judge, cannot be a means for government officials to evade state law. Municipalities, such as the City, may not waive or consent to a violation of their zoning laws, which are enacted for the benefit of the public, by entering into such a decree or agreement as the City has done here.

…“The residents of Sterling Heights have been left in jeopardy by this rush to settle. Their major concerns from the very beginning have been traffic and safety. So many obvious questions and misrepresentations were never addressed, like the nearly 8,000 square feet in the Mosque basement that was never considered for parking and traffic calculations. The deal never considered the many events and activities that Mosque officials have not disclosed to the City that will undoubtedly be offered once the site is in operation. For public safety reasons alone, this Consent Judgment must be invalidated by the court.” — American Freedom Law Center

It really looks like we have one group that doesn’t mind holding the threat of a lawsuit over the heads of any infidel who dares to oppose their naked will. And to Hell with anyone who opposes them.

That ALONE should give us pause… just how much we should be willing to concede to the demands of such belligerent groups?

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