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WHOA! This State Just REMOVED 36,635 Departed Voters from Voter Rolls

Look’s like President Trump is not the ONLY one fixing what’s broken in America.

Remember all that controversy about problems with voter rolls, and recounts? About Russian interference and illegal voters?

Well, West Virginia’s new Secretary of State has this issue squarely in his sights.

West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner has removed 36,635 dead or departed voters from state’s election rolls during his first 45 days on the job.

A Republican, Warner began working with the state’s 55 county clerks almost immediately upon taking office on Jan.16 and was able to report March 3 that outdated voter lists are being set right.

“Since I took office in January, West Virginia county clerks have canceled tens of thousands of outdated voter registrations,” Warner said in a statement. “I applaud the continued effort by the county clerks to ensure an all-encompassing voter registration list maintenance process ensuring an accurate and up-to-date voter file.”

Warner’s office noted that using updated technology and tools, elections experts have estimated that up to ten percent of the state’s voters, or more than 100,000 registered voters, may have changed residency or passed away and may need to be removed from current voter rolls. Those status updates include voters who have moved from their initial registered address, have died, or have duplicate registration records on file.

Far from ‘undermining’ the voting process… Republicans are strengthening it.

And why wouldn’t we? Republicans are the party who actually think the Constitution means what it SAYS it means.

If you’d like to see the full press release, you can. It’s here.

Share if you think EVERY state should do a similar ‘purge’ of outdated registrations.

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