WTF? Former PRESIDENTIAL Candidate Calls Trump Supporters RACIST for Chanting … ‘USA?’

Published on March 17, 2017

Remember way back when racism still had something to do with SKIN COLOR???

When you get a few thousand of your closest friends standing on their feet, chanting U-S-A, U-S-A, it leaves an impression. It’s about coming together AROUND something. Not coming against something. It’s National Pride. That Can-do spirit. Independence. Defiance. Resolute determination.

Even ClashDaily’s Canadian contributors freely acknowledge that Americans have some of the most passionate fans at ANY event that showcases American national pride. Sports or otherwise.

When the Boston Bomber was captured? This was what was spontaneously chanted in the streets. It was about love of country, and standing ‘Boston Strong’.

We saw something like it when Osama Bin Laden was declared dead.

“for one night, it wasn’t Philadelphia and New York. It was the United States of America coming together. That’s something special.”

Exactly. But it sure triggers the snowflake ‘justice’ warriors.

When hecklers stand up, and try to drown out conservatives (as they think is their right) they don’t like it when it gets turned back on them.

So Trump stands up in Nashville. And what do his critics say?

First that he’s racist. (Prove it. You call EVERYONE who doesn’t vote (D) a racist.)

Funny thing. This tweet actually confirmed Trump’s reaction to it.

Behold: the ‘hate’.

Trump called it. He was spot on, wasn’t he? ‘One person. And that will be the story tomorrow.’

That isn’t what a ‘racist’ police state (or even an ordinary police state) looks like.

When a government singles out a single person or family for a different application of the law? That’s what a police state looks like. But did you have anything to say about Obama and Holder prosecuting the Romeike family, and using the power of the State in trying to overturn the asylum a court had lawfully granted them? That story actually HAD a Third Reich angle to it, if you care to read up on it.

When a government uses the IRS to target political rivals? Is that a story? It OUGHT to be but wasn’t. Again. That wasn’t Trump. It was that other guy.

What IS Trump doing? He is using the lawful prerogative of the Executive branch to oversee immigration (look it up. The statute is conveniently in the order, to save you some research)… picking six countries his predecessor (and some Muslim allies, too) have acknowledged as high-risk nations. Including Yemen, which is in a civil war and has fired on our ships, and Somalia. You may remember Somalia from such films as Black Hawk Down, or more recently, Captain Phillips.

None of that is racism, you race-bating fool.

We’ve looked at your twitter feed, Evan. You’re not much to write home about. Just another big-state Leftist who wants to concentrate authority in the hands of certain ‘experts’, and doesn’t trust Americans to have the Freedom to think for themselves or be responsible for their own decisions.

You don’t even trust the Americans to elect themselves a leader, Evan.

Think about that.

You are looking to get Trump impeached, even before he’s got his full cabinet in place. That’s a pretty rich position for someone who was in elected office, don’t you think?

And you dare to lecture the rest of us about ‘Fundamental American Ideals’? Trump is actually making America MORE free than it had been under the last guy. He’s cutting back red tape.

He’s taking the (metaphorical) gun out of the Government’s hand and letting Americans make financial decisions (including Health Care) for themselves (*gasp*) without the fear of a Government Agent punishing them for the wrong choice.

Yeah. Because Despots ALWAYS increase the freedoms of their Citizens. Riiiiiight.

News flash, Evan.

Democrats WANT an infantilised electorate. They’re easier to control. But Americans don’t really WANT to be infantilized. You claim to be ‘independent’. But your ideas are thoroughly Leftist.

That chanting you hear? It’s ordinary people who still believe in that spirit of ’76. Where you don’t need some faraway government hotshot meddling in the affairs of everyday life. Taxing everything, and making decisions FOR you without consulting you.

It isn’t about people hating this color or that one. Does this look like HATE to you?

On the 10th anniversary of 9/11 you see here faces of every possible color cry, cheer, and chant USA.

This isn’t about racism.

This is about people whose heart still swells with pride at the sound of the Star Spangled Banner. Who still believe that — whatever our flaws — this is STILL the best damned place to live on the entire planet.

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