92M VIEWS: Here’s The Vicious VIRAL VIDEO From Syria That TRIGGERED Trump (VERY GRAPHIC)

Published on April 7, 2017

This is why we outlawed gas attacks in the first place.

It looks like a scene from WWI war footage. But instead of men in helmets and trenches desperately trying to cling to life, it’s children and civilians.

It’s bad. People are dying. Infants stripped down to a diaper being hosed down to save them from the chemicals. Convulsions. Foaming at the mouth.


When you stop to think about the attacks, don’t let the media reports desensitize you to what cause the missile strike in the first place.

This is what it was in response to. This was what we want to prevent from happening again.

Whatever you think of the politics of the attack, or its scale, or the step that led up to it, keep in mind.

These bodies were what triggered the response in the first place.

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