BOOM: ‘Activist Mommy’ Takes On Bill Nye ‘The Propaganda Guy’

The ‘Activist Mommy’ has some problems with Bill Nye’s new Netflix show….

And she dissects it as only she can.

Although there are 13 episodes of ‘Bill Nye Saves the World’ — a full season — a lot of focus has been on Episode 9: The Sexual Spectrum.

ClashDaily reported on the cringeworthy Rachel Bloom song about her ‘sex junk’.

Yes, that Rachel Bloom song was indeed a low point in the show, but not the only one.

It was what one might call a ‘spectrum of disaster’.

The concept of a ‘spectrum’ of sexuality is based on social ‘science’ and disregards Biology, a ‘hard’ science.

Bill Nye says that people who don’t believe in the ‘Sexuality Spectrum’ just need to ‘get over it’.

Well, the Activist Mommy isn’t going to ‘just get over it’.

Watch: (CONTENT WARNING — Not for Activist Mommy, but the Bill Nye clips.)

Activist Mommy asks Leftists, ‘Why are Liberals so obsessed with vaginas? Can you make an intelligent point without using the word vagina?

Activist Mommy gives some truth about the agenda that is being pushed, especially the ‘do what feels right’ attitude.

She claims that pansexuality and gender confusion is trendy.

A psychologist is saying that about ‘transgenderism’.

If you’re not worried about all of this confusing your kids, you need to get your head on straight.

Another low-point in the show was the very creepy Ice Cream Orgy. (Yes, you read that right)

In an animated segment, Bill Nye vents his hatred expresses his disagreement with Christians and ‘conversion therapy’:

It’s the science of feelings,’ says the Vanilla Ice Cream.

Funny how they dismiss the actual Biological science as ‘feelings’.

Because the entire premise of a ‘spectrum’ of sexuality is just that — feelings.

But, of course, they have to vilify the white, religious, heterosexual as a repressed, closet bisexual.

The idea that someone gay might actually be straight is ‘hate speech’, but saying straight people are repressed bisexuals because they haven’t tried it is just fine.

The implication is that the only thing that isn’t ‘scientific’ is heterosexuality.

What. Utter. B.S.!

The show does indeed look like a parody of itself.

Bill Nye is an activist that is playing a scientist on tv.

Rachel Bloom sings, ‘Get off your soapbox!’


So Rachel Bloom and Bill Nye can get up on theirs?

A Comedian, a Gender and Sexuality professor, a Cultural Anthropologist and a Mechanical Engineer walk into a bar…

No, wait. That’s not a joke.

Those are the panelists on his show.

There was no Biologist, no one discussing chromosomes or genetics, other than Nye — the Mechanical Engineer.

How convenient.

Bill Nye concludes his show by saying:

‘What makes someone male or female isn’t so clear cut… Sure this may be confusing for to those that want everyone to pick an M or an F. But, people, we have to listen to science. And the science says we’re all on a spectrum.’

Bill Nye failed to mention that it wasn’t ‘science’ saying that — it was ‘social science’.

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