What BORDER RANCHER Says About ILLEGAL CROSSINGS Won’t Be Reported By Rachel Maddow

These two ranchers own property in Arizona and they have a message for Nancy Pelosi…

The Southern Border needs…

John Ladd and Fred Davis agree with President Trump that a border wall is necessary.

Nancy Pelosi recently said that a border wall is ‘immoral, expensive, and unwise.’

Oh, really?

Then why does Hungary have one… and why do they patrol it?

Even the Canadians are cracking down on their border security.

Hello… the Canadians.

That’s embarrassing!

Anyway, Ladd and Davis invited Pelosi to see the border from their property, but they haven’t heard back from the virtue-signaling progressive leftist Representative from California. So they decided to respond to her recent statement about the border wall.


When the ranchers appeared on Fox & Friends on Tuesday, Ladd claimed that since Donald Trump became President, illegal border crossing has dropped by up to 95%.

He also claimed that over a 30 year period, Border Control has caught half a million illegal aliens on his property.


That’s un-dirtyword-believable!

The pair said that a wall is one tool, but the other part is that we need ‘boots on the ground’ to enforce the laws that we have on the books.

ClashDaily has reported that we are at a record low for illegal border crossings, and that is directly attributable to President Trump.

Maybe that’s why Pelosi won’t go visit their properties on the border — it interferes with the Democrat voting base.

President Trump has committed to building that Big, Beautiful Wall.

And we just can’t wait!

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