BREAKING: Trump Just BOMBED The CRAP Out Of ISIS — Largest Non-Nuclear Bomb In Our Arsenal!

Written by K. Walker on April 13, 2017

The US Airforce just dropped the ‘Mother Of All Bombs’ in Afghanistan…

That’s really what it’s called.

The GBU-43B or MOAB,’Massive Ordnance Air Blast’ (AKA ‘Mother Of All Bombs’,) is 30 feet long and 21,000 pounds and is a concussive weapon. It doesn’t penetrate into the ground but deals a lot of damage to the surface and to tunnels.

It hasn’t been used before in combat.

The GBU-43B was dropped in the Nangahar province of Afghanistan, close to where a Green Beret was killed fighting ISIS on Saturday.


You can watch the testing of the GBU-43B here:


That thing is brutal!

It looks like President Trump is serious about taking out ISIS.

Yo, ISIS: Don’t Mess with the U.S.!


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