CLASH POLL: Which WH Portrait Do YOU Like Better – Melania’s Or Michelle’s?

Each beautiful in their own way? Or ‘beauty and the beast’? Have your say!

The portrait of Melania Trump has been released by the White House.

Here’s the portrait of the FORMER First Lady…


You may remember how the Left ‘oohed’ and ‘ahhed’ over her beauty and femininity. Some agreed with them. Others were just left scratching their heads and making jokes about Sasquatches, and laughing that she looks more manly while working out than Barack Obama EVER did in his mom jeans and bike helmet.


And now, the White House has released the official portrait of Melania Trump, our CURRENT First Lady.


Now that you’ve seen them both, what do you think?

Share if you think Melania’s portrait looks GREAT!

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