COMPARE: SNOWDEN Is On The Run While RICE Is Free As A Bird… Why IS That?

Written by Andrew Allen on April 17, 2017

Edward Snowden is the perfect example of black privilege.

No, Edward Snowden isn’t black. He’s endemic of the current epidemic that afflicts us – the too hip for hip smarter than you, me, and a bumble bee member of the we-are-the-ones-we’ve-been-waiting-for generation that is dutifully liberal, felt the Bern, was with her whether that her was Hillary or Jill Stein, and believes Donald Trump is the harbinger of a police state.

The more we learn about Obama administration spying on Donald Trump’s campaign, the more we witness in these United States the makings of a real police state. Susan Rice, to date, is the only Obama administration figure that has been identified as #Complicit in all this.

Susan Rice is black. As an added bonus, she’s biologically (and presumably she self identifies as) as woman.

How come Edward Snowden violated laws governing classified information and had to flee to Russia, while Susan Rice has appeared on national television and admitting that she did basically the same thing and remains guilty as hell and free as a bird?

Interesting by the way, that hard left liberal Edward Snowden chose Russia isn’t it? Was it because the 1980s called asking for their foreign policy back? Was it because of Hillary’s reset button? Maybe he figured Russia would be okay because Obama had promised Russia that after the 2012 election Obama would have more flexibility to act in Russia’s best interests. Anyway.

In some ways, Susan Rice’s offenses are more grave than the incredibly dangerous behavior Edward Snowden pursued. Snowden after all, was just a peon. A bit player in that strange thing we call the “intelligence community”. Susan Rice worked down the hall from then President Obama’s office and from her desk she asked the intelligence community to pump data about Trump’s team her way.

Snowden fled to Russia?

Susan Rice is free and probably in receipt of a government pension?

That’s black privilege. If it had been Stuart Rice, some portly white man, he’d been in federal custody right now.

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Andrew Allen
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