Written by Rob Morse on April 7, 2017

There is a story behind this story. Pro-life activists David Daleiden, Sandra Merritt and their Center for Medical Progress were charged by the California Attorney General for recording executives from Planned Parenthood. At first this looks like a news article about protecting privacy. Once you dig deeper, you find layers of political corruption at the highest levels in California. In short, Daleiden and Merritt recorded Planned Parenthood executives selling baby parts for profit.

This embarrassed the politicians who got political kickbacks from Planned Parenthood. Rather than clean up their act, the politicians attacked the pro-life activists by abusing the California “justice system”. The charges against the pro-life activists are bogus, but that didn’t stop the California Attorney General. Then-Attorney General, and now California Senator, Kamala Harris needed to signal her values to liberal California donors and generate campaign publicity as she ran for office. So what if she had to bend the law to attain higher office. Harris brought flimsy charges against the pro-life advocates. Here is why.

Daleiden and Merritt released their damning videos before the 2016 election. That was a horrible time for many Democrats. Secondary investigations showed the corrupt cycle involving Planned Parenthood and pro-abortion politicians. Some of the recordings were made in California. Some of the political corruption involves California politicians. To make matters worse, California is a major media market and the publicity was hurting the political futures of Democrat/Socialists across the US.

The political corruption looks like this. Pro-Abortion politicians signal their values to pro-abortion voters by funding Planned Parenthood to the tune of half-a-billion dollars. Planned Parenthood then makes large political donations to fund the election efforts of these pro-abortion politicians, some twenty-three-million dollars. That is a lot of money and a lot of potential votes at stake. The damning videos showed Planned Parenthood executives describing how they harvest babies and sell baby parts. That looks bad on YouTube. That looked bad on the TV news. That looked bad for Planned Parenthood. That looked bad for the politicians who fund Planned Parenthood and were running for re-election. It was particularly bad for the politicians who received election campaign support from Planned Parenthood political donations.

Liberal prosecutors brought suit across the country. The charges against the pro-life activists were quickly dismissed as baseless. Just because the charges were baseless doesn’t mean they were ineffective. Prosecutors spent our tax money to attack the pro-life activists. This cost the pro-life groups huge amounts of time and money to defend themselves in court. Their defense was paid for with private money, not tax money. It is expensive for private citizens to fight city hall, or defend themselves from political prosecution. The charges of privacy violations also distracted the public from the political corruption between Planned Parenthood and liberal politicians.

Why do I say the prosecution was political? In California, there is a law that requires both parties to be notified if a conversation is recorded. There are clear exceptions. The law is settled as they say.

One exception is if the recording is made in public where there is no expectation of privacy. So far, so good. What you say in your lawyer’s office should receive a different degree of privacy protection from what you say at a crowded cocktail party. Some of the Planned Parenthood recordings were made in public. I’m not sure if they all were recorded in a public place.

The second exception is if the recordings were made to document criminal activity. That isn’t my opinion. Those are the rulings from the US 9th Circuit Court. The court’s rulings are binding on California state law.

Q: if I can find that out, why couldn’t California Attorney General Kamala Harris find that out? Why couldn’t her appointed successor find that out?

A: because the law doesn’t matter. We are not a nation of laws. We are now a nation of political agendas. Prosecuting the pro-life activists was good for Democrats in the political races across the US. Prosecution was good for the California Democrats who supported Planned Parenthood. Prosecution helped raise campaign donations and also gave Kamala Harris earned media in her campaign for the US Senate.

The lesson for us all is that it may be unattractive to chop up babies, but it is an unforgivable sin to come between a politician and their political ambitions.

Government funding of special interests is leading to increasing political corruption across the US. The way to stop that corruption is to cut off government funding for Planned Parenthood and similar groups. If you want to give away abortions, then pay for them with your own donations.

Former California Attorney General and current Senator Kamala Harris; photo credit: Modified from: Obama For America – California President Obama Supports Kamala Harris for CA Attorney General via photopin (license)

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