DEAR LADIES: Here’s WHY Bro’s Aren’t Lining Up To Marry YOU!

Published on April 19, 2017

Calling all Feminists! We found the reason you can’t find ‘any good men’. You’re NOT going to like it.

That ‘like fish need a bicycle’ line seems to have backfired.

Pew Research came back with a poll that answers your question about where all the good men have gone.

Short answer? Feminism drove them away. So, congrats, I guess?

Pew recently found that the number of women 18-34 saying that having a successful marriage is one of the most important things rose from 28 percent to 37 percent since 1997. The number of young adult men saying the same thing dropped from 35 percent to 29 percent in the same time.

Pew’s findings have caught the attention of one US writer who maintains that feminism, deeply entrenched in every segment of the culture, has created an environment in which young men find it more beneficial to simply opt out of couple-dom entirely.

Suzanne Venker’s article, “The War on Men,” which appeared on the website of Fox News in late November, has become a lodestone for feminist writers who have attacked her position that the institution of marriage is threatened, not enhanced, by the supposed gains of the feminist movement over the last 50 years.

So, just when young women are starting to take an interest in stable relationships again? The guys they’d spent so long vilifying have decided you’re not really relationship material.

And can we really blame them? The article continues…

As a writer and researcher into the trends of marriage and relationships, Venker said, she has “accidentally stumbled upon a subculture” of men who say “in no uncertain terms, that they’re never getting married.”

“When I ask them why, the answer is always the same: women aren’t women anymore.” Feminism, which teaches women to think of men as the enemy, has made women “angry” and “defensive, though often unknowingly.”

“Now the men have nowhere to go. It is precisely this dynamic – women good/men bad – that has destroyed the relationship between the sexes. Yet somehow, men are still to blame when love goes awry.”

“Men are tired,” Venker wrote. “Tired of being told there’s something fundamentally wrong with them. Tired of being told that if women aren’t happy, it’s men’s fault.”

Feminism and the sexual revolution have simply made marriage “obsolete” for women as a social and economic refuge, but this is a situation that should not be celebrated by feminists, Venker says.

“It’s the women who lose. Not only are they saddled with the consequences of sex, by dismissing male nature they’re forever seeking a balanced life. The fact is, women need men’s linear career goals – they need men to pick up the slack at the office – in order to live the balanced life they seek.” — Read more: Lifesite

Who could have known that vilifying men, haranguing them, and berating them would have had a negative impact on their relationships with women? Except all men everywhere.

Of course, this has other spillover effects. We need only look at Japan, Russia or Europe to see what happens in nations where the birth rate dips below replacement rate.

So, Feminists. Congrats!

You’ve ‘won’. Well, sort of.

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