DEAR NEVER TRUMPERS: Trump CUTS OFF Cash To UN Agency Because It Bank Rolls ABORTIONS In China

Published on April 4, 2017

Remember how NeverTrumpers doubted his commitment to Pro-Life causes? How do ya like him now?

ANY Republican who took office after Barack — “Born Alive” — Obama would naturally see a pendulum swing on the abortion question. It is just a matter of how far that swing would go.

Nobody was really surprised, for example, when Trump followed the lead of Bush and Reagan in the ‘Mexico City Policy‘.

An Executive Order was on the chopping block as well.

For the third time in just two months, Vice President Mike Pence was brought in to cast the tie-breaking vote in a Senate deadlock. This time he provided the 51st vote in favor of undoing an Obama executive order that banned states from blocking Title X family planning funds for health organizations that provide abortions.

The order, which became official just weeks before President Donald Trump was sworn into office, intended to stop state attempts to prevent Planned Parenthood — and other health clinics that offer abortion services — from receiving reimbursement for the medical services it provides to Medicaid patients and other low income individuals. —

Now, it’s the UN.

The Trump administration has announced it will cut off US funding to the United Nations agency that works on maternal and reproductive health.

Last year the US government contributed $75million to the UN Population Fund, the majority of which was used in crisis situations.

The move was criticized by campaigners who said it would be a huge blow to women in at least 155 countries.

The US government justified the decision by accusing the agency of supporting population control programs in China that include coercive abortion.

It said that violated the Kemp-Kasten Amendment, which prohibits foreign aid to any organization that the administration determines is involved in coercive abortion or involuntary sterilization….

…The International Women’s Health Coalition said in a statement that the Trump administration’s decision was ‘a major blow to the world’s most important agency for reproductive health.’

The designation was the latest move by the Trump administration to prioritize traditionally conservative issues in the federal budget.

The Trump administration has vowed to cut all dollars for climate change programming, and also restored the so-called global gag rule, which prohibits funding to non-governmental groups that support even voluntary abortions.

It has also said it no longer sees a need for the US to so generously fund UN and other international organizations.

Under the three-decade-old law, the U.S. is barred from funding organizations that aid or participate in forced abortion or involuntary sterilization.

It is down to each administration to determine which organizations meet that condition.

The UN Population Fund has typically been cut off during Republican administrations and had its funding resumed when Democrats control the White House.
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For all the hand-wringing about American values we hear on the left, it shouldn’t even be controversial to say that using AMERICAN tax dollars to help a foreign government compel mothers to abort their children against their will is a Bad Thing.

Whatever happened to ‘Pro-Choice’ and ‘get your laws out of my uterus’? You’d think the Left would be CELEBRATING this victory for women!

Nope. This shows us Leftists are committed to ABORTIONS.

NOT to women having a choice about them.

Trump had the stones to stand up to this hideous policy.

Of course, we see in an article HERE that Obama was breaking US law by supporting the fund in the first place.

But since when had Obama ever been constrained by decency. Or US law?

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