FOX NEWS COMPETITION? Ailes Explores New TV Opportunities And MILO Gets $12Mil To Build A …

Published on April 30, 2017

Be careful what you wish for, Liberals.

Fox News, whose opinion panels skewed right, but whose news segments were built on being ‘fair and balanced’ is under siege by Leftists.

They see Fox as their greatest threat and want to hollow it out into being just another vanilla liberal (or at least liberal-light) news network.

They’ve already claimed a couple of scalps. Roger Ailes, and Bill O’Reilly.

But that leaves a vacuum on the right. Did they seriously Believe — especially in today’s polarized culture — that NOTHING would fill that vacuum?

You have interesting developments happening both on the talent side, and on the network side.

On the Talent side, Milo (You didn’t think he would just fade away, did you?) Landed a multi-million dollar deal to tour and (wait for it) Search out the NEXT Milo.

Yes, precious snowflakes. Throwing him out of Breitbart freed him up to begin Mentoring OTHER Milos! Let THAT thought keep you up at night!

On the network side? Some MORE Awesome / Horrible news! (We love it, the regressive left will not.)

What’s coming up to REPLACE Fox on the Right just might make them wish they had never launched their war in the first place.

Separately, a source told Mediaite that ‘high-powered television executives’ are plotting a new conservative news network because Fox is allegedly becoming too left of center.
‘I’m working on it hot and heavy,’ the source said. ‘It’s live, it’s real.’
The channel could be ready for airwaves in 10 months, the source said. — (Source)

Judging by the NEW leadership’s insistence on becoming PC (specifically looking for Female leadership, rather than most qualified regardless of sex) and prioritizing transgender issues…?

It looks like development this isn’t a moment too soon.

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