JOHN OSSOFF: What Exactly Are The DEMOCRATS So Excited About?

Written by Andrew Allen on April 25, 2017

Jon Ossoff is a case study proving that the jack ass party and its appendages in the media remain as tone deaf today as they were last year.

What Did Democrats Learn?
No doubt about it, 2016 was the year of the outsider. In fact, not since the 1828 election (during which Democrats Andrew Jackson and John C Calhoun steamrolled over National Republican candidates John Quincy Adams and Richard Rush) have we seen anything in 188 years and 46 Presidential elections like what we saw last year. Democrats spent more money and expended more Hollywood star power compared to the Trump campaign and what did they learn in return?

Absolutely nothing.

The recent election in Georgia, to listen to the mainstream media, was supposed to have been an Obamaesque ascendancy to power and a referendum on an administration that has barely been in office three months. Sneak into any mainstream media newsroom after the bigwigs have gone home and it’s not hard to find the stories they had already written and had hoped to run about Ossoff had he won.

He’s Like Obama Only Better and Whiter
There were pieces written about his youthful vigor. His handsome face. His status as an ethnic minority given that his father is described as being of “Russian and Lithuanian Jewish origin”. How smart he is. How great he is. That he’s 30 years old (although no one in the media will connect the dots then admit that, other than Ossoff, the Democrats have nobody younger than 50 at the head of their pack.) Jon Ossoff in other words is one more in a long line of annoying little nitwits that can rattle off by rote every progressive talking point known to mankind and appear intelligent because in this day and age intellectualism isn’t defined by critical thinking but by Pavlovian response.

Who Is Ossoff?
Notice how – to this day in fact – Ossoff’s background remains strangely opaque kind of like someone we all remember that had a perfectly creased pant leg and sent thrills running up Chris Matthews’ leg. What do we know about Ossoff? Well:
– He went to the elite Paideia private school in Atlanta where today elementary school tuition runs nearly $21,000 per year while high school tuition goes for just over $23,000 per year.
– In high school he interned for Rep John I-Got-Beaten-Down-by Democrats-In-Selma-Back-in-1965 Lewis.
– He went to Georgetown University where he graduated with a degree from the School of Foreign Service.
– He earned a Master’s Degree from the London School of Economics.
– He worked on the staff of Rep Hank Will-Guam-Capsize-If-Too-Many-People-Live-On-One-Side-of-the-Island Johnson. (Why didn’t Ossoff advise Hank not to say stupid things?).
– Then he became a partner in something called Insight TWI.

More on Insight TWI in a moment. First things first, are you noticing a pattern here? It’s not just that Jon Ossoff has never really held a real job in his life. I will give Barack Obama credit – Barry at least tried a few private sector gigs. Despite his impressive education, Jon Ossoff has never worked for private enterprise (except for Insight TWI which we’ll get to in a second.) it’s as if a whole lot of somebody’s money has been spent on Jon to give him a particular pedigree as well as Democrat Party street cred so that when the time comes, party insiders will run him as their Presidential candidate.

It’s not far-fetched at all to suggest that had Ossoff won the Georgia congressional race last week, Democrats would have thrown his name into the ring against Trump in 2020 – after all, Obama was a nobody until 2007.

Insight TWI
So Insight TWI. They are a London based outfit that makes films and TV shows. Documentaries to be exact. Ossoff’s work with Insight TWI represents the closest thing he’s got going to private sector experience. Insight TWI, according to their own website “produces world-class documentary films and television programmes, specializing in fresh, daring factual content and high-impact journalism.” Oddly, much of their work seems to involve Al-Jazeera.

So what films or TV shows, err, excuse me, television programmes has Jon Ossoff made since showing up for work at Insight TWI. He’s listed as Executive Producer (along with someone named Ron McCullagh) for a documentary called “Girls, Guns, and ISIS”. Apparently it’s about how former ISIS sex slaves return to the battlefield to fight ISIS. No doubt it’s an interesting topic. Whether it merits a full length documentary though?

Moreover, how is it that some kid from Atlanta with no background whatsoever in film or television, emerges as a top executive at a London based documentary company? According to Ossoff as a teen he “was just fascinated at that young age by the work, because journalism has always been an interest of mine.”

There are lots of things I’m fascinated by and interested in. Like sports cars. That doesn’t mean Ferrari is calling and asking me to take over the company. Fascination and interest then are only part of the answer.

So the story goes, McCullagh approached Ossoff (after Ossoff interned briefly with Insight TWI) and offered him the company. That’s right! “Hey kid howya doin’? Me ‘n da boyz remembered you from, when was it, three years ago? and thought bada-bing-bada-boom you’d be the right guy to take it over.” I know. I. Know. It doesn’t quite pass the smell test.

It Could Have Been Hookers and Blow
Not until you dig a little deeper and find that Jon Ossoff inherited his grandfather’s fortune. (No wonder he’s never held a real job and can prance about pretending to be Joe Lunchpail when he’s not pretending to be some young cutting edge journalist.) Ossoff explained that Insight TWI always “struggled a bit commercially” and believed his grandfather “would be proud for me to use some of those resources to invest in a growing company whose work I believed in.”

There are worse rat holes spoiled brat rich kids have flushed money down, so on the one hand Ossof’s heart was in the right place. But where was his head? The man is running to represent a congressional district and doesn’t have the good sense to know that he basically got swindled and saddled with some British company that makes movies you can only see on networks like Link TV?

But He’s Like Obama Only Better and Whiter
If you are a member of the jack ass party none of that matters. Not when you’ve got Jon Ossoff, groomed and paid for by Party insiders to be the next insider candidate in election climates where voters prefer outsider candidates.

By the way, isn’t it questionable from an ethical standpoint for an American political figure to be running, not just a media company, but a media company headquartered in another country? Can you imagine the furor if Donald Trump owned and operated a media company in Moscow?

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Andrew Allen
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