Liberal ‘DEEP-THINKER’ Seth Abramson Gets Syrian Air Strike All WRONG

Written by Andrew Allen on April 11, 2017

Rolling Stone calls him “a deep thinker and philosopher”. Salon calls him “a magna-cum weirdo”. Both are accurate descriptions of Seth Abramson who has decided to spew the hard left’s diarrhea of the mind response to recent US airstrikes against Syria.

Let’s face it, even as name-brand Democrats have come out in support of Trump’s recent decision to respond proportionally to Bashar al-Assad’s use of WMDs, the Rolling Stone-reading weirdos wouldn’t be the left if they couldn’t concoct a ridiculous opposition position. Abramson’s goes something like this:
– Trump’s use of military force was ineffectual and politically motivated.
– If Trump truly cared about the plight of Syrians, he’d allow more Syrian refugees to enter the US.
– If Trump truly cared about the plight of Syrians, he’d support safe zones in Syria for them to live in.

Someone tell Rachel Maddow her recent Geraldo moment called, said it wasn’t her fault and that sometimes the magic between two lovers just kind of falls apart. That it had found somebody else. Seth. Seth Abramson.

The anti-war movement that by this time next week will be protesting in the streets with those corporately mass-produced signs and hashtag-ready social media memes that are the hallmark of today’s paid for SJWs, as spearheaded by Seth Abramson, will manage somehow to support Bashar al-Assad’s atrocities AND demand the US invade Iraq circa George W Bush in 2003. At the same time! Magna-cum weirdo indeed!!

The reason there are Syrian refugees, in part, is because Bashar al-Assad has a track record dating back to the era of Barack the-Red-Line Obama of using WMDs against his own people. Accepting more Syrian refugees into the US doesn’t address the reason Syrians become refugees. In fact, it supports the transformation of more Syrians into refugee status. As is so often with liberals, Abramson would rather treat the symptoms but not the cause – kind of like how instead of fixing inner cities the left created self-perpetuating welfare programs that only benefit rich, white, politically involved liberals at the expense of those living in inner cities.

As for safe zones, unlike those at the University of New Hampshire where Abramson teaches, where are they supposed to come from? Maybe Seth thinks that simply by saying “hear ye hear ye, here be a safe zone see” that, presto, there will be safe zones. Liberals like Seth believe after all that war can be ended if our side decides to stop fighting, right? No doubt Abramson thinks some grand declaration of safe zonianism is all that’s needed to create them. So much for deep philosophical thinking.

Reality is, unicorns and fairy dust aren’t going to carve out pieces of Syria and turn them into safe zones. That’s a job that can only be performed by ground troops. Thousands of them, if meaningful safe zones are to be made. In other words, the anti-war left is poised via Seth Abramson’s dictates to press for wholesale invasion of Syria.

It’s an intellectual path twisted enough to leave you feeling car sick and longing for saner things like Rachel Dolezal’s transracialism, or a quick round of “Russia hacked the election”.

You may reach Seth Abramson at his faculty gig where he currently fills snowflake’s minds full of white privileged nonsense and micro-aggressive mush: 603-641-4126, His website is

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Andrew Allen
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