LMAO: Palin, Kid Rock & Nugent Meet With Trump, Troll Hillary, And IT IS EPIC!

Hey Obama! One more reminder that it isn’t YOUR office anymore!

Pop quiz.

You get a chance to visit the White House, because of your work in the government. You can invite a friend or two to come with you.

Who do you bring?

For Sarah Palin, that wasn’t a difficult decision.

Not only did she bring some friends that would send Liberals into fits, but they went on tour in the White House, and trolled them.

You guessed it. She brought Ted Nugent and Kid Rock.

Why not? They’ve been working together since the Tea Party movement kicked off.

Here’s a shot of at the Oval Office:

And one of them in front of their favorite Failed Presidential Candidate.

Do you think they enjoyed the visit, and liked trolling Hillary?

That’s a pretty safe bet.

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