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LOVE TRUMPS HATE? Trump Supporters Smashed In Head With Skateboard At Berkely Protest

The guy who stood up after being curb stomped by 6 anonymous guys in black got whacked over the head with a skateboard.

“Knock his ass out” was screamed by someone in the crowd as a half dozen guys in black kick a guy laying on the pavement at their feet.

Poles — some with flags still flying from them — were swung like baseball bats in the melee.

It was an out-and-out brawl. And judging by the face coverings, black clothing, and weapons being used… the anti-Trumpers were planning for it.

(Maybe they haven’t gotten the message yet about such rioters serving REAL prison time. Hopefully, that message will be sent. Soon. And loudly.)

This is the violence, here:

Same scene, different angle:

What started it? Simple. It was Berkley. And there was a demonstration in support of Trump.

Hundreds of pro-Trump demonstrators and counter-protesters clashed Saturday at a “Patriots Day” rally in Berkeley, the third time the groups engaged in violent confrontations on city streets in recent months.

Fistfights broke out near Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park, where Trump supporters had scheduled a rally. Fireworks and smoke bombs were thrown into the crowd, and a few demonstrators were doused with pepper spray.

Both groups threw rocks and sticks at each other and used a large trash bin as a battering ram as the crowd moved around the perimeter of the park. One bank boarded up its ATMs before the rally as a precaution.

About 250 police officers were deployed to the scene by mid-afternoon after officials sought assistance from the neighboring Oakland Police Department.

…AJ Alegria, 31, of Sacramento said he also came to Berkeley to help defend Trump supporters. He said he pursued a counter-demonstrator down a side street and found himself surrounded by a dozen protesters in black masks who he said attacked him with sticks and pepper spray.

“These people create violence all the time… somebody has to stand up to them,” said Alegria, who was injured in the fight. He was treated by Trump supporters who bandaged his head, washed off the pepper spray and gave him encouragement, saying, “You’ve earned your stripes, bro.”

Alegria wasn’t the only one injured. LATimes

Other footage shows pepper spray and other weapons being used in the skirmish.

Twenty-one people were arrested, including some on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, according to Officer Byron White of the Berkeley Police Department. Eleven people were injured with at least six taken to a hospital for treatment, including one stabbing victim.

Police confiscated knives, stun guns and poles, White said. —LATimes

Share if ‘when they go low we go high’ looks especially dishonest now.

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