Major Liberal Feminist Says, ‘Trump Is On His Way To RE-ELECTION’ … Here’s Why

Published on April 21, 2017

Get some smelling salts for your activist Liberal friends. They’re going to need it.

One of their own is calling the Left out.

If Democrats and their supporters stick with their current strategy? She’s predicting Trump will see a second term.

She’s isn’t speaking as a Republican. Camille Paglia supports Bernie Sanders.

She made a startlingly realistic statement. One that we hope others on the left would take to heart.

“My feeling is that an election occurred. And it is incumbent on the defeated party to pull itself together. Or else we’re going to get a re-election of the present administration.”

You feel like he’s going to be re-elected?

“Yes.” (There was neither hesitation nor uncertainty in her answer.)

She goes on to describe the ‘bubble’ that Times readers are locked into, and how shocked they are when reality conflicts with that closed system.

Her own wake-up call was when she first saw ‘Diamond and Silk’ supporting Trump.

Considering this was an event titled ‘Times Talks’, this is a significant statement to make.

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