Michelle Photographed On Paddle Board In Polynesian Jungle – Should She STAY There?

Written by K. Walker on April 11, 2017

The Obamas have hopped from vacation to vacation since leaving the White House. It’s kind of like how they lived when they were IN the White House.

After the Inauguration, they went off to Palm Springs, California, then to Richard Branson’s private island in the British Virgin Islands, then on to French Polynesia with a stop-over in Hawaii — just in time for Obama’s former classmate to rule against the 2nd Trump Travel Ban.

Barry and Michelle are supposed to be working on their respective books.

And if Michelle’s thesis is any indication, she’s going to need ALL the time that she can muster.

Unless she just spews accusations of racism and misogyny — like she does when she speaks.

Though it is difficult to add in scoffs onto the printed page.

She punctuted her interview with Oprah with scoffs:

It doesn’t look like there’s much work being done on the book, though.

The Obamas are enjoying their vacation at the elitist exclusive island resort.

The Brando resort is an eco-friendly resort that is just off of Tahiti. The villas start at $3000 per night. Eco-warrior, Leonardo DiCaprio, even stayed there for his birthday. (Strange since you get there by private plane, which runs on ‘climate-destroying’ fossil fuel.)

With the lucrative book deal the Obamas signed, $3K a night is just chump change.

Fellow vacationers photographed the Obamas not working on their books.

Fellow vacationers took pictures of the forty-fourth president swimming in the pristine waters off Mo’orea island on Sunday, while his wife worked on her upper-body strength with some paddleboarding.
‘True to his reputation, he was very relaxed,’ local station TNTV, which obtained the photos, noted in their report.

The witnesses said that the couple used a small boat for their late morning excursion and that there they were escorted by two others boats with their security detail.Even while vacationing, the former president was surrounded by security aboard the boat, according to TNTV.

Obama has been spending the past month at the exclusive Brando resort off Tahiti, writing his White House memoirs.

Michelle hasn’t been with her husband the whole time, but she jetted out to join him for some fun in the sun on Saturday.
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You can see that Michelle would fit right in:

After all, check out her new look.

Well, with all the vacationing, the good news is it doesn’t look like their books are coming out anytime soon.

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