‘NEW NORMAL’: Catholic Hospital Refuses To Remove Uterus … Patient Lawyers Up

Published on April 27, 2017

Nice Hosptial you have there… shame if something should ‘happen’ to it.

There was a time when ACLU fought to PRESERVE rights, not destroy them.

The fact that there are OTHER hospitals one could get this surgery at is completely irrelevant. The goal here is not to get the surgery they are seeking, but to force compliance of a group whose beliefs conflict with their Social Justice Crusade.

How could anyone POSSIBLY make such a claim? Easy.

Would someone with conjoined twins — say the kind that Doctor Carson and his team separated insist that the local general hospital take on the surgery? Or would they seek out someone with experience?

You seek out a CATHOLIC hospital and ask to have a healthy uterus removed. Just because CATHOLICS take their medical hippocratic oath seriously doesn’t mean the ACLU should sue them for it.

Even John Hopkins — the Hospital that Pioneered Gender Reassignment Surgery in the first place — stopped performing them. Because their research has shown the process does more harm than good.

Other research shows that ‘body dysmorphia’ is in the same family of ailments as anorexia and bulemia. (Among other, less widely known conditions.)

This issue was covered before. Here is a quote:

The Psycho-Social adjustments of post-op transsexuals were not any better than those who had no surgery. A 30 year study in Sweden discovered an increase in mental difficulties, including a 20-fold jump in suicide rates vs. the general population. What’s more, 70-80% of children who reported transgender feelings, in Vanderbilt University, or Portman clinic (London) spontaneously lost them without any sort of medical intervention.

Dr. Paul McHugh, whose article I’ve been referencing in the paragraph above, makes the case that gender dysmorphia is similar to other dysmorphic disorders (like anorexia). Both are a psychological disorder causing an unhealthy and unrealistic view of oneself.

How would we react to a court ordering a gastric bypass for a 91 lb woman suffering from anorexia? Would we support her quest to lose more weight? Because, if Dr McHugh’s comparison is accurate, this court is doing basically the same thing.

Did you recoil from the notion of a gastric bypass for an anorexic? Of course you did. That would not be a correct medical treatment. Even the ACLU would not insist that we ‘help’ a patient by doing so. And yet, they’re BOTH body dysmorphic disorders.

Contrary to Leftist opinion, doctors do not yield their consciences to the State when they begin to practice medicine.

There was one historical group who ignored their consciences and ‘simply followed orders’. Such people were sentenced in Nuremberg Trials.

If this patient is hell-bent on removing a functional organ simply because it does not match what she sees in the mirror?

The solution is not to force reasonable doctors to do so against their will. (That makes the patient — and any ACLU lawyer who insists on it — a moral monster of the ‘simply follow orders’ mold.)

The simple solution is to find a doctor willing to do so.

If the ACLU should ‘Win’ this lawsuit? What happens?

They are simply draining health care dollars that could be better spent on providing health care to patients in need. And isn’t that the moral high ground the left pretends to stand upon in the first place?

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