PARENTS: If This Happened To YOUR Girl Would You REMOVE Her From School?

Published on April 28, 2017

It’s the school with the ‘highest number of suspensions in the district’.

This is video of the ‘small altercation’ school officials told her about. Does this seem ‘small’ to you? News, Weather & Sports

She was told she was ‘lucky she didn’t have internal brain bleeding’.

She had various head wounds and a separated shoulder.

What started it? ‘Our daughter sat down in this girl’s seat.’

(No comment yet on whether race played any role in the attack.)

The King family, represented by Teddy Gordon, called a press conference Wednesday, at which they spoke about what happened to their 12 year-old daughter. The Kings will join seven other families from Crosby Middle School that are already part of a pending lawsuit against the school system. Filed in December, the lawsuit alleges that school leaders and the Crosby Middle school administration continue to allow bullying in middle school.

The Kings say their daughter was attacked on April 14 at about 11 a.m. inside one of the middle school’s bathrooms, but the Kings said they weren’t informed of the incident until Monday — 10 days later — and weren’t shown the video until Wednesday. They took their daughter to the emergency room as soon as they saw the extent of the attack and filed a police report. —Wave Three

So, parents.

These parents sent their kid back to school and launched a lawsuit with some other families.

What would YOU do? (The comments, as usual, are available for your thoughts on the issue.)

Should the little hellions be expelled?

Share if the victim’s safety is far more important than the assailant’s ‘right’ to keep going there.