WHEN YOU SEE IT: Leftist Beliefs Seem Even CRAZiER When You List Them

Written by Allan Erickson on April 23, 2017

The philosophy of the Left is varied and fluid and “diverse”, but it generally boils down to certain essential elements, as listed:

>There is no God, but if there is a God, or gods, he/she/they are unknowable, uninvolved and therefore irrelevant.
>Morality is what you make it.
>Social justice is whatever we say it is.
>The rights of the individual are subservient to the interests of the group. Majority rules, unless it is deemed politically incorrect, and then the majority needs reeducation.
>The only moral value is “do no harm”. ”Harm” is in the eye of the doer.
>The earth is our Mother. Love your Mother. Worship your Mother.
>The unborn and the almost dead are negotiable, children are negligible.
>If it feels good, do it. Sex, drugs, rock ‘n roll. Cool. LGBTQ. Ultra-cool.
>Work is like, whatever.
>Government is your Mother.
>Fathers are dangerous.
>Trust only those men who are feminized.
>All “organized” religion is the enemy of civilization.
>Government should run the economy, pile up all the wealth, and distribute it equally. Entitlements are sacraments.
>If we have enemies, it is our fault, and we should simply surrender.
>Sovereignty is an illusion: work for borderless, global government.
>Gender is irrelevant.
>Sexual behavior is irrelevant.
>Racism is rampant.
>Identity politics and the politics of personal destruction are the preferred means to social change.
>All public policy should be rooted in extreme environmentalism, anarchy, and communism.
>Above all tolerance, except for those views and orientations contrary to the conventional wisdom of the Left.
>We are our own god.

This philosophy has held sway for the most part in this country for roughly 55 years. Things really started unraveling in earnest circa 1962.

What has this philosophy achieved?

>Moral chaos. The sexual revolution: most harmful to women and children, epidemics of STDs including AIDS, death and destruction on a massive scale, the near destruction of the nuclear family, great masses of young people thoroughly alienated, finding life meaningless, hopeless.
>The death of conscience.
>Intellectual bankruptcy: a pervasive inability to think logically, rationally and clearly, replaced by a preference for emotionalism, fantasy and errant thinking.
>The eradication of a sense of citizenship, patriotic duty, love of country, love for God and one’s neighbor.
>The creation of a permanent and growing underclass of poverty-stricken people dependent upon government, hopeless, uninspired.
>The destruction of the middle class.
>An enlarged upper class, elitists who run government and control corporations, a fascist partnership of colossal proportions, pushing one-world government, population control, radical environmentalism and collectivism, all failed notions, evidence of fantasy thinking.
>Institutionalized selfishness.
>Race wars.
>Increased violence and crime.
>Monumental apathy and illusory thinking allowing enemies free rein.
>The murder of 60 million human beings in the womb.
>A continual assault on the principles of constitutional republic, traditional values, Judeo-Christian ethics, the rule of law, and the consent of the governed. In other words, a forever war on liberty and the God-given rights of the individual.
>The never-ending assault on masculinity and the twisting of natural femininity.
>The tyranny of the minority: insisting this or that 2% rule over the 98%.
>Rampant and increasing violence as the conscience is hammered into submission to the flesh, resulting in a spiritual bankruptcy giving rise to gross exploitation and self-indulgence.
>Wars, rumors of wars, escalations on every front.
>Economic depravations.
>A general sense of looming catastrophe: a nation ripped apart from within, on most every front.

The rational conclusion: the philosophy of the Left is a complete failure, and our only hope for success, a radical and immediate change of course.

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Allan Erickson
Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.