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SHOCKER: Married Couple At Fertility Clinic … Discover They’re TWINS!

How’s THAT for a plot twist to your relationship?

They went to a fertility clinic, trying to get help with having a baby. The clinic did the routine DNA screen and noticed a lot of similiarity.

Then they noticed the birthdays and looked a little more closely.

How does one break THAT news to somebody?


Hi, Mr and Mrs ‘X’? So, you know how you both have the same birthay? Yeah.

Well, funny thing about that…

Here’s the rest of the story:

Basically, their parents died in a car crash when they were very young. They were sent to different foster homes, as no family was able to step in. A paperwork error meant the fact that they had twin siblings was forgotten.

They met in university, where their similar backgrounds — including parents that died — drew them together. They married. And the rest is news.

Now, they’ve got to sort out where to go from here.

This is like a weird cross between Luke kisses Leia and that subplot in Game of Thrones.

Whatever happens next, we wish them well.

It sure isn’t a dilemma we would want to deal with.

Share if the odds of that happening — and being discovered — stagger the imagination.

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