SUPER HERO: This Bro Drank A 12Pack During A Marathon He DIDN’T Train For

Written by K. Walker on April 25, 2017

This bro is my new hero.

And he also makes me feel like crap.


Emmet Farnan decided to join in the half marathon that he didn’t train for and shotgun a beer at each mile marker and one to start things off.

He didn’t fall over at the 8-mile mark.

As if jumping into a half marathon on a whim wasn’t a questionable enough decision already, Emmet Farnan, a senior engineering student at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, found a way to make things even more difficult for himself: He decided to drink a beer at each mile marker.

A former high-school cross-country and track athlete, Farnan completed his feat at the Holy Half Marathon on April 1. He finished a Coors Light before starting the race, and then downed another at each mile marker. (He arranged for a friend with a backpack full of reserves to accompany him on a bike.) Still, he completed the race in 1:43:42, running just under eight-minute mile splits, and captured the whole thing using a GoPro.

“There was no point where I thought I wouldn’t finish,” Farnan says, despite deciding to run just the day before the race. “I thought, you know, I’ll do it, but I haven’t been training properly. How do I run it without being worried about my time?” The answer was “beer.”
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Certified sports nutritionist and aspiring microbrewer, Lisa Dorfman, says that excessive drinking is inadvisable, but the Coors Light that Farnan opted to chug at each mile marker kept him hydrated, gave him some carbs and the alcohol content was low.

Farnan is taking his newfound celebrity status in stride, and some on campus have said that he’s inspired them to at least attempt a half marathon.

“I’ve had a number of people say it was inspiring,” Farnan says. “Like, ‘if he can do it with 13 beers, then I can at least do it.’”

Here is his GoPro Video: (LANGUAGE WARNING)

How did he manage that?

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