SWAMP DRAINING IN PROGRESS: Massive CUTS Coming To The State Department

Published on April 28, 2017

This should help with that insubordination problem, too!

The bureaucracy is there to FACILITATE the will of the duly elected government. To SERVE the people.

They sometimes forget that. Unchecked power and unaccountability can have a corrupting influence on people in that way.

Gutting departments is ONE way to remind a department that thy are not hired to push their own agenda. Or run obstruction.

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Or — to leak classified documents.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is reportedly poised to cut 2,300 diplomatic and civil servant positions from his agency.

The cuts represent about 9 percent of the agency’s workforce and comes as Tillerson looks to fulfill President Trump’s promise to reduce federal spending. The president signed an executive order last month aimed at making government “less wasteful.”

About 1,700 of the jobs on the chopping block will be cut through attrition, while 600 others would be done through buyouts, Bloomberg News reported Friday. The cuts would occur over the next two years. Senior managers at the State Department were briefed on the plan Wednesday. -Read more:
the Hill

We’re guessing that anyone that wasn’t cleaned out from the firing of that infamous ‘7th Floor’ Clinton ‘Shadow Government’ will be included in this round.

We can finally have our leaders get on with RUNNING the country, instead of dealing with highly-placed Democrat hacks running interference.

As was said in the previous round of cuts:

Policy will be controlled by the White House, not professional diplomats

And THAT is as it should be!

Share if ‘throwing the bums out’ is a step in the right direciton.


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