VIDEO: Watch Psycho Chick FLIP OUT On Couple For KISSING In A Restaurant

This freakout is UN-Dirty-Word-BELIEVABLE.

From the land of crazy — California — comes this unbelievable rant by a very angry woman who obviously has some… relationship issues.

The psycho chick just doesn’t stop her attack on a couple waiting to order their food.

First, she accuses the couple of having sex in the restaurant and calls the girl a prostitute.

The woman then says that she felt ‘sexually harassed’. Presumably, this was because she was forced to endure watching the couple behaving — as she sees it — ‘overtly sexual’ in a restaurant.


The escalation continues. She calls the girl a slut, wh*re, b*tch, ugly and that she looks like a little boy, and tells the couple to get a hotel room. Then she turns on the guy — calling him an airhead, dumb, and a prick, then says that he is ‘sexually harassing’ her.

But wait! There’s more!

She demands a refund for her food from the restaurant employee.

The girlfriend keeps her cool despite being called all those horrible names, the only thing she says to the psycho chick that she’s a ‘heinous person’ and ‘a terribly rude person’. She also notes that they should just buy their food and move on.


The kicker? The guy holding the camera said that he and his girlfriend had their arms around each other and he kissed on the head.

Apparently, in Santa Monica, that is the same as having sex.

Watch the insanity: (LANGUAGE WARNING)


(I’ve stopped trying to understand California.

These are the same people that not only overwhelmingly voted for Hillary, but have also elected the likes of Diane Feinstein, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, and the new McCarthyite, Adam Schiff.)

What would you do if you were harassed by a shrill harpy like this?

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