WHOA, MAMA! Look How Much O’Reilly Will BANK Leaving Fox

Published on April 21, 2017

You’re going to want to sit down for this one.

Did you feel bad for Bill O’Reilly stepping down from his show on Fox?

Don’t feel TOO sorry for him. He’s got himself a ‘little something’ to ease the pain of leaving.

See for yourself.

Bill O’Reilly will be paid tens of millions of dollars on his way out of Fox News, two well-placed sources told CNNMoney.

…After this story was originally published Thursday morning, a third source said the payout totals $25 million.
21st Century Fox and O’Reilly’s representatives will not acknowledge the existence of a payout. A confidentiality agreement limits what the two sides can say.
But the sources confirmed that O’Reilly does have a parachute, partly because O’Reilly signed a new contract right before being ousted.
The two original sources, who spoke independently of one another, said the new contract was worth about $25 million per year.
(Previous news reports have pegged O’Reilly’s past contract at $18 to $20 million a year.)
O’Reilly commanded a higher sum for obvious reasons: he dominated the ratings and helped Fox News deliver record profits for its parent company. —CNN

Whether you think he is an insufferable pig who SHOULD have been shown the door or that he was the target of a smear campaign ..?

Whatever his troubles may be, crying poor will not among them.

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