WOW! Group Calls For Obama To Be ‘SERVED For Stoking VIOLENCE Against Trump’ – Do YOU Agree?

Published on April 8, 2017

With the networks desperately trying to tag a President with a scandal, why would THIS story about Obama be so under-reported?

It couldn’t be protection afforded by the (D) after Obama’s name, could it?

Turns out, for all the Hell Obama’s been trying to raise against Trump… he’s got his own problems to face.

If he ever comes back to America so he can be served, that is.

Barack Hussein Obama as of today is off in Polynesia. He’s going to be there for over a month and a half. They only picture him of the beach in a grass skirt perhaps dancing around because he’s happy now that President Trump’s presidency is being destroyed. It’s clear that the people around him having released classified information to smear President Trump. That’s coming out more and more each day. That’s illegal. That’s a crime. It’s clear that he must be behind it… Please contribute to our services because we need these very evil forces

Obama in court?

Now THAT sounds like must-see-TV.

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