CLASH POLL: Are YOU Glad Melania Did Not BOW To Insane Female Dress Codes?

The First Lady stayed classy and modest but didn’t conform to the restrictive Saudi dress code for women.

Melania chose clothing that had simple, clean lines, and was still quite flattering.

Melania and Ivanka were both in Saudi Arabia, and neither wore headscarves.

Both members of the First Family spoke of the ‘Empowerment of Women’ that needs to continue in Saudi Arabia.

Melania made the comment at an all-female GE plant, and Ivanka at a roundtable on female economic empowerment.

Here’s what Ivanka had to say:

‘Saudi Arabia’s progress, especially in recent years, is very encouraging but there’s still a lot of work to be done and freedoms and opportunities to continue to fight for.

‘The stories of Saudi women, such as yourselves, catalyzing change, inspire me to believe in the possibility of global women’s empowerment,’ she said.

‘Around the world women continue to achieve unprecedented levels of rights and freedoms. Today you all stand on the frontlines of the fight for gender equality.’
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What will all the feminists on the Left do now?

They’ve sat idly by in silence, wearing their ‘pussy’ hats and vagina costumes, while Saudi Arabia plods towards gender equality.

Now, the daughter of that dreaded nemesis Republican President is actually acknowledging the elephant in the room — that Saudi Arabia still doesn’t have gender equality and these women are on the front lines of the fight.

The Abaya (the long, loose dress that Saudi women must wear in public,) the hijab and the niqab are all part of this same issue.

How awkward for all those leftists…

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