HEY LIBERALS: What Will You Eat Now That ‘Salads Are RACIST?’

Published on May 2, 2017

Is there a contest somewhere for who can be the most offended, about the least meaningful ‘problem’?

If so, what’s the prize? A writing gig at the New York Times?

Or did Bonnie Tsui already claim the prize and start writing this drivel?

Looking around, and seeing no REAL problems worth weighing in on — say a prisoner in Milwaukee dying of dehydration — Bonnie decided to address SOCIAL ILLS of GREAT IMPORT.

Like ‘Asian Salad’.

Yes. ASIAN Salad.

Can you even BELIEVE we wrote that? TWICE?

If we had a capacity for shame, we’d feel ashamed of ourselves for sure. Really… Asain Salad.

Oh no. It won’t stop!

The horrific problem of Asain Salad is consuming me! Someone out there must be HORRIBLY offended!

Get ready for your eyes to cross. Not in any sense relating to Asian stereotypes.

Nope. As in … she actually wrote something more tedious than Actuary tables. You’ve been warned.

At the time, it seemed that “Chinese” was merely a synonym for “new” or “different.” The tie to Chinese cuisine was already weak, since people in China did not generally eat uncooked vegetables; more common were cold chicken dishes with the vegetables blanched or stir-fried. In 1960s America, with the lifting of the cap on immigration from Asia, dressings using actual ingredients from Chinese cooking — sesame oil, soy sauce, ginger — entered the rotation. Chinese chicken salad grew popular. Pretty soon there were competing claims of origin.

Ooooh. The history of salad. Compelling journalism.

Long story shorter… she’s offended. By salad. Called Asian. But the ‘Asian’ part of ‘Asian’ salad is a lie.

Really, cupcake? Go to Taco Bell and order ‘authentic’ Mexican food.

The Chinese actually noticed they were considered ‘exotic’… and the clever ones leveraged that into a new niche in the restaurant market.

But go ahead. Be offended.

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