HEY SCHUMER: The Unemployed Think Your Policies REALLY Suck … And Trump’s ROCK

Published on May 11, 2017

Of all the various half-baked policies the Left Loves best, two really stand out. For all the wrong reasons.

The Left hails themselves as Champions of the poor. The downtrodden. The unemployed.

But their ‘love’ is — well — unrequited.

When it comes to the Democrats’ favorite hobby-horses, Illegal Immigration and Obamacare, the unemployed and the Democrats are badly out of step.

A poll conducted by Express Employment Professionals shows that 57% of the unemployed want Obamacare repealed, while only 43% disagree. On the hot button issue of illegal immigration, a full 58% agreed that they would have an easier time finding a job if there was less illegal immigration, compared to just 42% who disagree.

A plurality of 39% believe Trump’s policies will have a positive impact when it comes to creating jobs, compared to 35% who believe those policies will have a negative impact. Twenty-six percent believe there will be no impact.

So while Obama’s lemmings have been telling us how GOOD these things have been for the economy, the poor actually LIVE where those policies are felt.

Nope. They don’t like it.

Illegal immigrants not only steal jobs from American citizens and legal immigrants, this flood of illegal labor depresses wages.

Obamacare is a stone-cold job killer, a death-spiraling boondoggle that adds tremendous expense to the cost of hiring, most especially the hiring of full-time workers.

Obamacare is also utterly useless to the vast majority of Americans who are not chronically ill. Even if the unemployed are having their premiums subsidized by the government to some degree, the insanely high deductibles that accompany Obamacare insurance plans render it as pointless as a screen door on a submarine.

Obamacare has also exploded the cost of overall health care. So while the unemployed might have something called “health insurance,” thanks to $5000+ deductibles, out of their own pocket, they are paying even more money for the health care services they do use.

The good news for the unemployed is that despite a feckless Republican Congress and fascist left-wing judges, what Trump has been allowed to do has dramatically decreased the flood of illegals coming across our southern border — and by “dramatic,” I mean by an incredible 67% (compared to last year). — DailyWire

Yeah. Thanks for nothing. Now Trump and the Republicans have to fix it.

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