LEADERSHIP: President Trump Refusing to Play by the Mainstream Media’s Rules

Written by Lloyd Marcus on May 28, 2017

An extremely disheartened American emailed me documenting all the factions committed to removing Trump from office. She concluded,

I don’t see how President Trump is going to overcome this onslaught of negativity which is waging upon him by those who are casting aspersions upon him for destroying the legacy of our nation’s so-called “first black president” and the detestable woman, “Crooked Hillary” who wanted to continue his failed policies! I pray for his protection and perseverance!

I encouraged our patriot sister to keep the faith. Remarkably, Trump does not appear to be deterred by his enemies in both parties. Though under-reported, Trump continues to dismantle Obama’s horrific legacy. I believe Trump draws strength from the support of We the People.

When Moses grew tired, Aaron and Hur held his hands up, one on each side, to encourage the people. As long as we continue to hold Trump’s hands up, he will perform God’s purpose. Our continuous prayers and support are the keys, strengthening our God given emancipator.

The Washington, DC establishment is advising Trump to stop tweeting, stop following his instincts and function more within their traditional norms. I respectfully say Washington, DC norms are what got us into our current mess; a nation in cultural, moral and economic decline.

When Obama was in office, fake news media threw out the rule books; the Constitution and the law. They paved the way for their Leftist messiah to take whatever immoral, unlawful and unconstitutional actions he deemed necessary to implement what they decreed the greater good. To push through Obama controlled health-care, fake news media allowed Obama to lie to us twenty-nine times that under his plan, we could keep doctors we liked. To insure Obama’s reelection in 2012, fake news media supported Obama sacrificing the lives of Ambassador Chris Stevens and other Americans in Benghazi and lying about it. I won’t spend time rehashing all the numerous times fake news media applauded Obama breaking laws.

Now that Trump is in office, suddenly fake news media are sticklers for the rule-of-law. Fake news media is in full-court-press-mode to impeach Trump on a sinking-sand foundation of anonymous sourced accusations and lies. They are attempting to criminalize Trump not crossing every “t” and dotting every “i” according to their rules. Every day the airways are filled with more much ado about nothing accusations against Trump.

In war, the aggressor sets the rules for battle. Fake news media’s battle rules say Democrats are free to lie, cheat and do whatever necessary to achieve their transformation of America. Meanwhile, Republicans must function within whatever we (fake news media) decreed to be legal.

Too many folks on our side still do not understand the evil we are dealing with. Republicans and Conservatives are still advising Trump to moderate his tone. They want Trump to stop tweeting, stop following his instincts and play by rules set by his unethical dishonest enemies. In essence, they want Trump to bring an olive branch to a gunfight.

I am not offended by a little unconventional-ism in Trump’s efforts to undo Obama’s illegal messes. Note, I am not saying I would support unlawful actions by President Trump.

It was frustrating hearing Republican Mitch McConnell say he would like to see a little less drama coming out of the White House. What part of “fake news media is going to spin everything Trump says and does to create drama” does Sen. McConnell not understand? Meanwhile, these same fake news despicables pandered to by Sen McConnell gave Obama a pass to do whatever he pleased.

Frankly, I would hate to see Trump become more guarded in his words and actions. No, I am not advocating that the president say stupid things. But on the other hand, it is extremely refreshing and empowering to hear a Republican speak boldly and fearlessly; not walking on eggshells to appease fake news leftists. Thank God, John Wayne stand-up-for-what-is-right, tell-it-like-it-is maleness has not been totally castrated in America. We hired Trump to get things done. I do not care that his process does not meet Washington, DC establishment and fake news media approval.

Some on our side are outraged that Trump has threatened to cancel Daily Press Briefings. I say, why not? The press is not who they pretend to be. The press is a foaming-at-the-mouth behemoth leftist monster seeking to devour America as founded. Reporting the truth is not on their agenda. So why grant gotcha opportunities to anti-American zealots whose sole intention is to lie and spin. They seek to impeach our president to stop the implementation of our agenda; even at the cost of American lives and the best interest of our country.

Be of good cheer, folks. Do not underestimate the power of We the People. Despite the Left’s billions-of- dollars-worth of articles, fake news stories and 24/7 anti-Trump/pro-Hillary campaigning, Trump defeated their candidate in an electoral landslide. The daily fake news pounding of Trump “ain’t” going away.

My wife Mary have been in Montana with the Conservative Campaign Committee working to defeat Pelosi’s extreme liberal candidate for congress, Rob Quist. In essence, we have been fighting the Democrats’ and fake news media’s impeach Trump scheme.

All Trump has is us. We must stay engaged, ignore fake news media, support and pray for President Trump, our liberator.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
Author: Confessions of a Black Conservative: How the Left has shattered the dreams of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Black America
Singer/Songwriter and Conservative Activist

photo credit: Gage Skidmore Donald Trump via photopin (license)

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