MEDIA MATH: Trump Plus Russia Equals a Presidency?

Written by Andrew Allen on May 22, 2017

Here’s an experiment for you to try. Write a quick blurb explaining that the two and two is five. Then send it to me. I’ll use it in an article about how two plus two is five, and I’ll cite your work as the source. Once you see the article, use it as your source to assert that two plus two is five.

Are you picking up what I’m laying down?

For more than a week now the media has been hyperventilating over Trump’s alleged ties to Russia. When pressed for sources, without exception the media turns to other media sources.

In other words, the CNN pundit refers to the New York Times and Washington Post. The New York Times and Washington Post refer to CNN. MSNBC’s two cents come from the CNN item that borrowed from the New York Times and the Washington Post that got their information from CNN which got theirs from MSNBC.

Hey media, a story isn’t factual simply because you holier-than-thou saints are the source. That F. Chuck Todd utters the verbiage doesn’t make your words any more or less accurate. You have to have something called evidence to back it up.

Which, to date, there is none as far as the Trump-plus-Russia-equals-a-Presidency story goes. Even Maxine Waters has admitted as much.

Without Facts You Get 2 + 2 = 5
Without facts the media has trended way off the beaten path into tin-foil hat territory normally reserved for the chem trail reptilians crowd. The aforementioned Maxine Waters for example believes “crooked Hillary” and the “lock her up, lock her up” chant were developed by Russian intelligence agents inside the Kremlin.

Which doesn’t speak well of Russian intelligence agents or the Kremlin. Let’s face it, the phrases aren’t all that clever. That we are to believe at once the Russians were smart enough to hack our election and at the same time the best they could come up with are those two slogans speaks volumes about how lunatic the left has become.

Or how about Richard Goodstein. He actually worked on the Hillary Clinton campaign. On Tucker Carlson’s show Goodstein recently claimed that someone working inside the Trump campaign actually ordered the Kremlin to release Hillary’s emails after Access Hollywood audio was leaked to the media.

Picture it. Team Trump is huddled in an emergency meeting because the Access Hollywood audio is breaking news. Someone inside the campaign says “tell them to go with it.” And then a campaign staffer calls Moscow and tells them to release the old Kraken’s emails.

There are people that live under overpasses in tents made of plastic that spend every waking hour mumbling to themselves that make more sense than Richard Goodstein’s theory. Heck, the birther argument made more sense than the “analysis” peddled as news by the media these days.

This is just the beginning. The media’s appetite for self-promotion is bigger than that of a fat kid locked up in an ice cream shop alone and unafraid. Self-promotion requires each pundit to try and out pundit all the other pundits. So today Goodstein normalizes what may be the most idiotic political idea since someone proclaimed the moon landings to be fake. Tomorrow they’ll be telling us the Russians have installed a secret mind-control chip in Donald Trump’s brain, or that they kidnapped real Donald Trump and what we’re seeing is a Russian intelligence agent dressed up like President Trump.

They are almost there now. The media has all but decided Trump was a Russian agent on Putin’s payroll. That’s where their insistence on seeing more of the tax returns Rachel Maddow showed us comes from.

Meanwhile Back in Realville
Almost ignored is an actual story that suggests collusion to influence the 2016 Presidential election. Julian Assange identified in an interview a 27-year-old Clinton campaign staffer as the source for Wikileaks. Seth Rich was a 27-year-old Clinton campaign staffer murdered under unusual circumstances in Washington, DC.

Seth Rich also had a reason to turn to Wikileaks. Rich was a Bernie Sanders supporter. One of the ones disgusted when the DNC rigged the primaries to shut their guy out of the process. Ever met or listened to the Bernie types? They aren’t like the media. True, die-hard Bernie types exhibit as much — if not more – disdain for the Clintons as they do Trump.

Assange has a track record of trying to use leaked information to alter US policy. Wikileaks released information about the Iraq war effort in an effort to force the US to end the war. It’s not a stretch to wonder whether Assange wanted to affect the outcome of the 2016 election.

Not that Assange is a #MAGA #TrumpTrain kind of guy. More likely, he wanted to sow a few seeds of chaos into our electoral system because, if successful, one of the key foundations of American government would be damaged.

Kind of like where we’re at now. From November 2016 we’ve seen a mysteriously sourced $5 million to fund recounts, talk of court challenges, riots in the streets, claims that Russia stole the election for Trump, and we will soon see the DNC test the idea of impeachment with focus groups before they go live with it.

Focus groups that, by the way, don’t realize that impeachment by itself doesn’t mean Trump has to leave office. President Clinton was impeached in December 1998 and didn’t leave office. Because those focus groups will be made up of the same hodge-podge social justice warriors that listen to each other, repeat what they hear back to one another, and regurgitate the same old nonsense constantly ignorant of the world around them.

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Andrew Allen
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