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Melania Announces That Barron Will Attend THIS School – Liberals FREAK OUT!

Where exactly were they expecting him to go?

The anti-school choice crowd on the Left want to support teacher unions rather than the children being educated. That’s why they oppose school vouchers.

How ‘progressive’ of them.

Better to have one monolithic government agency running education at the hands of union bosses (‘Nice education ya got there — be a shame if the teachers didn’t show up’) and watch as standards plummet rather than using the successful free-market model that rewards success, amirite?

Well, Barron isn’t going to public school.

But that’s not the news that’s got their panties in a twist.

After all, Chelsea Clinton, or Malia and Sasha Obama all went to private school, too.

As promised, the First Family will unite and live in Washington D.C. after Barron’s school year is complete. Here’s the great school he’s heading to:

First lady Melania Trump has announced that her son, Barron, will attend a $38,590-a-year private Episcopal school in Maryland, beginning this fall.

While reports had circulated that Barron would attend St Andrew’s Episcopal School in Potomac, Maryland, Mrs Trump officially announced the news on Monday.

Of course, Leftists are freaking out about the cost.

Disregard the fact that Sidwell Friends School that Chelsa, Malia, and Sasha attended is actually over $40,000/yr. Sasha is still attending Sidwell Friends which is why the Obamas had to stay in Washington D.C. Of course, no one in the Medi (D) made much mention of that fact the way they did about Barron and Melania staying in NYC to finish out his school year.

St. Andrew’s Episcopal school is pricey, but has small class sizes of between 11-19 students. Jenna Bush had attended St. Andrew’s Episcopal in Austin before President George W. Bush took office.

You’d think that Leftists would like St. Andrew’s. Especially for the alleged ‘racist’ Donald Trump’s son.

‘It is known for its diverse community and commitment to academic excellence,’ Melania said in a statement about Barron’s new school, which is 20 miles from the White House.

‘The mission of St Andrew’s is “to know and inspire each child in an inclusive community dedicated to exceptional teaching, learning, and service,” all of which appealed to our family,’ she added.

Annual tuition ranges from more than $23,000 for pre-K to more than $40,000 for students in grades 9-12. For sixth grade – the grade Barron will be entering – tuition costs $38,590.

They should even like this aspect:

One of the prerequisites to completing middle school at St Andrew’s is taking a two-day field trip to a Washington, DC, church that runs a soup kitchen.

Students ‘make, serve, and eat a meal with the homeless’ while listening to a homeless person’s life story.

The school is known for research-informed teaching and the use of neuroscience and other brain-based research, both to help high-achieving students unlock their potential and to tailor education to children with learning disabilities or differences.
Read more: Daily Mail

But no.

The Washington Post took that last bit to retread the ‘maybe Barron Trump is autistic’ crap that Rosie was spewing:

And of course, liberals are melting down over it.

(And what would happen if I said I thought you were developmentally delayed for spelling the word ‘truly’ with an ‘e’?)

And then the tweets lost their class…


Liberals and their hate.

It’s just unbelievable.

It just goes to show you that the Trumps cannot do a single thing right in the eyes of the Liberal Trump-haters.

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