Trump Calls Muslim Terrorists ‘LOSERS’ – Libs HATE It But Do You LOVE It?

What do you think of the way our President is talking about Islamic Terror? Is he right or ridiculous?

I, for one, am McLoving it!

And I’m not the only one.

Check out Kimberly Guilfoyle (filling in for Sean Hannity) and Michelle Malkin on May 26: (see the 8-minute mark)

When President Trump calls terrorists ‘evil losers’, he is doing a great thing.

In a culture that is honor-based, calling jihadis ‘evil losers’ is perfect.

It undercuts their reason for committing these atrocious acts.

Jihadis believe that they are doing ‘good’ work; that they are just and right to rid the world of the infidels.

These people are not ‘just’ and ‘good’ — they are evil

And they’re not ‘heroes’ — they’re losers.

President Trump’s call for all Muslims to ‘drive out’ the extremists was necessary and long overdue.

It’s a very different perspective on Islamic Terror.

And you know what the Leftists need to do?

Just get used to it.

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