VIDEO: NYT Reporter Behind ‘Comey’s Memo’ ADMITS Something CNN Will Not Report

Published on May 19, 2017

The Grey Lady has some explaining to do…

You know their piece about Comey’s memo? The one that triggered all this outrage? Oops.

And they wonder why the ‘fake news’ accusations get traction? THIS is why.

The New York Times – an alleged newspaper — wrote a piece making a case against Trump. It was a piece that was the jumping off point for the echo-chamber on the left, and replies on the right.

It was based on Comey’s memo.

There’s one small problem with that.

Nobody from the New York Times actually READ the memo. They’re going by what someone claims was in it.

Again (or still) the entire nation is in an elevated state of outrage.

Battle lines are drawn. Trump is — depending on your politics — unfit, or unfairly attacked.

And why?

Because of crap like this.

Hey, journalists! How about, before making a serious allegation against someone, you make sure you have some serious evidence to back it up.

Here’s a rule of thumb. If it isn’t substantial enough to convince you that your friend (or in the case of the NYT … a Democrat) did something shady, you should keep fact-checking before you report it.

Michael Schmidt admitted he hadn’t actually seen the memo. Which should surprise exactly nobody. He’s played this game before. Remember San Bernardino? Remember when he reported that one of the terrorists had openly talked about jihad? Gotnews does.

Schmidt has been called out for getting a story wildly wrong before thanks to his anonymous sources. Schmidt, citing his anonymous federal law enforcement sources, claimed that one of the San Bernardino terrorists had talked about jihad openly. She didn’t.

His boss even reprimanded him and called for “systematic changes” to the way Schmidt and Carlos Slim’s blog use anonymous sources.

Becuase of this kind of BS, our elected government isn’t doing what the people sent them there to do (And admit it — that was the media’s goal all along).

It keeps coming back to those endless anonymous sources. Which in this case amounts to a concerted whisper campaign?

If you don’t think anyone is paying a price for your recklessness? You haven’t looked at the stock market lately.

Here’s a CNN headline:

Dow has worst day in 8 months as Trump drama rattles market

So, yes. There are REAL people, real companies, real retirees who are paying a price for this reckless reporting.

And you are putting your political witchhunt ahead of everything else — consequences to innocent bystanders be damned.

And doesn’t that make the Media everything they pretend to hate about Trump? Or worse?

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