WARRIOR CHICK: Fourteen-Year-Old Bladesmith Made Knives Since She was SIX … Tell A Snowflake

Published on May 3, 2017

Want some hope for the future generation? Meet Leila Haddid. She’s AWESOME!

While some parents spend their days wrapping children in bubble wrap, Leila has OTHER things on her mind.

Things like honing an edge, or proper quenching techniques. She’s been making knives … since she was SIX.

Crafting a knife designed to last 100 years.

And we haven’t even gotten to the impressive part yet.

Look at the aimless, restless ennui among ‘troubled’ youth.

Do you think someone like Leila has any time for that? No.

She has a sense of purpose.

If we could get back to teaching some of these skill sets, maybe we wouldn’t have spend so much time dealing with kids looking for meaning in self-destructive behaviors.

She’s fourteen years old… and TEACHING OTHERS how to craft knives!

If those whiny feminists can take a break from all their pointless marches… they might want to look at a fourteen-year-old-girl who is doing a better job of forwarding their ideals then all the Madonnas and Judds and stupid knit caps put together.

Well done Leila! We’d love to see ten thousand more like you!

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