WATCH: Trump Haters NOW Workout To Profanity Filled Trump Chants!

Published on May 14, 2017

It’s a whole new take on ‘resistance training’. And a bizarre window into the liberal mind.

The sad thing is that they think they’re being clever and funny.

It’s not satire, exactly

It’s satire in that the are deliberately taking cheap shots at a straw man that has a vague resemblance to Trump.

But as for the ideology? They seem to think their — humor, is it? — is somehow rooted in truth.

Have a look. But remember. They’re the Anti-Trump #resistance. So naturally they will be cursing the air blue. Don’t play this around sensitive ears.

You can decide for yourself whether this is PURELY a propaganda piece, or whether there was supposed to be Propaganda with an actual exercise component.

We’re leaning ‘Pure Propaganda’, since the watermark on the picture corresponds to a liberal Facebook Page:

Fusion Media Network

The references to the creators of this embarrassing display being ‘artists’ was another clue.

But then again, these days, throwing up on a canvas is considered art, so who can really tell?

What do you think?

Share if all these snowflakes and safe spaces are making it harder to tell fact from parody.