WIKILEAKS: Don’t Blame US … The Ransomware Wasn’t Our Leak

Published on May 13, 2017

Since the Hacking event exploited an NSA tool, people naturally started wondering about that one Wikileaks story…

Did the hacking event that shut down some hospitals, that hit thousands of computers around the world have anything to do with that Wikileaks dump?

It’s a natural question to ask. In fact, WE asked it ourselves.

Earlier this year, Wikileaks made more headlines than even THEY normally make by releasing a lot of inside information about what US spy agencies use to crack secure computers.

They might use it for law enforcement or for breaking encryption on seized computer equipment owned by shady groups like cartels or terrorists.

Just as likely, they might use it for more traditional spy games. (Obama’s administration, we have learned, kept close tabs on foreign leaders during trade negotiations, and was spying on several EU leaders and Netanyahu.)

In Wikileaks ‘Vault 7’, those most prized trade of trade secrets used by US security were made public.

The question is… did THAT dump have anything to do with the recent Ransomware attacks?

Wiki has answered that question with a resounding ‘no’. They claim there is NO connection between the two.

Later in the thread, one user linked this NBC story that would affirm that claim.

Some media reports about the ransomware — called WannaCry — that rocked the UK health system, Spain’s telecom industry, and other targets in Europe Friday say that hackers pulled it from a leaked NSA tool kit.

That’s not really accurate.

Instead, computing experts say and a review of the computing code shows, the leaked NSA tool kit demonstrated to the hackers how they could attack these systems. The hackers didn’t use NSA code, but they did copy something from the tool kit.

“WannaCry ransomware uses one of the exploits released recently by Shadowbrokers in the leaked NSA tools archive,” said Andrew Komarov, chief intelligence officer for the cybersecurity firm InfoArmor. “This is pretty normal practice, where cybercriminals are using the latest vulnerabilities in order to increase the efficiency of their malware.” — Full article here

So who do YOU blame?

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