WTF? Look What LIBERALS Now Want MEN To Wear (Would YOU Wear This?)

Written by K. Walker on May 30, 2017

‘Men’s Fashion’ has always been a loaded phrase. This time, we know what kind of ‘load’ it is…

It’s a gigantic load of crap.


What’s next a ‘Manzier’?

ClashDaily has reported on the ridiculous ideas of men’s fashion that were meant for… well, no one with a smidgeon of self-respect.

There was lingerie:

WUSSIFICATION: Look At The ‘Fashion’ That Liberal Dorks Want MEN To Wear

I’m pretty sure this one is an actual abomination that is a signal of the coming Apocalypse:

The ‘Bro-Romper’ Exists Which Means The Apocalypse Just Started

And the allowances for gender-bending transgender kids to wear clothes not consistent with their biological gender:

WTF: Private School Dress Codes Add Skirts … For Boys?

What is the world coming to?

As for those ‘Mantyhose’… this ClashDaily Editor is a woman, and I have would like to ask all the dudes out there:

What the hell?

Why would you want to subject yourselves to the uncomfortable, torture devices that women wear for ‘fashion’? You guys have it pretty good. No plucking, waxing, primping, curling, straightening, powdering, painting, or messing with ‘hose. That can get a run in it if it snags on your not-filed-properly fingernail.

You guys could wear the same shirt and pants for 10 years if they still fit and weren’t in bad shape.

Sure, ‘Mantyhose’ might be a parody, but, remember the lingerie wasn’t.


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