YO, SHARPTON: Black UT Killer Shot ‘Reenactment’ Video Stabbing WHITES – Is That A HATE CRIME?

Published on May 2, 2017

If only there were some clue that he was capable of such violence…

Clue? Like the lame video he made in 2012 with some buddies? A video in which they reenacted the murders of whites in a Haitian uprising? Some of the reenactment just HAPPENED tp involve knives and throats.

The grainy, 14-minute video, entitled “Haitian Revolution” shows the 21 year old mass stabbing suspect, who is black, playing Haitian historical figure Dutty Boukman. Boukman was an early revolutionary leader who plotted the mass executions of Haitian whites in the 1790s.

…During the Haitian revolution, white women and children were specifically targeted for death.

Though Austin police have not commented about White’s motivations, early campus rumors are that White targeted members of fraternities who were wearing their Greek letters. — GotNews

Be careful who you choose for your heroes. You just might become like them.

This guy took an oversized knife (larger than what can be lawfully carried) to a campus.

And he started attacking people.

Here’s a still from the video. It’s where the ‘master’ asked the ‘slave’ for some water.

The slave stabbed him in the throat.

You KNOW they wouldn’t waste a second linking this to White supremacy if there was even a WHISPER of a possibility.

Why the hesitation when it goes the other way?

Right. Their precious narrative.

Share if it’s dishonest to say everything is racist … except for the racist people who AREN’T white.