BREAKING: House Majority Whip SHOT Along With 4 Others In ‘Targeted Attack’ Against Republicans

Written by K. Walker on June 14, 2017

UPDATE JUNE 14, 2017 10:30am EST:

Republican Congressman says that it was a gun that saved many lives and he and his colleagues were ‘sitting ducks’.

Michigan Rep. Mike Bishop tells WWJ Newsradio 950 he was attending the practice around 5:30 a.m., in Alexandria, when shots rang out. He said he and his colleagues were “sitting ducks.”

“As we were standing here this morning, a gunman walked up to the fence line and just began to shoot. I was standing at home plate and he was in the third base line,” Bishop said. “He had a rifle that was clearly meant for the job of taking people out, multiple casualties, and he had several rounds and magazines that he kept unloading and reloading.”

The reports are that as many as 100 rounds were fired.

And the shooting went on for 10 minutes.

The shooter was relentless and sought those that find cover.

“The only reason why any of us walked out of this thing, by the grace of God, one of the folks here had a weapon to fire back and give us a moment to find cover. We were inside the backstop and if we didn’t have that cover by a brave person who stood up and took a shot themselves, we would not have gotten out of there and every one of us would have been hit — every single one of us,” said Bishop. “He was coming around the fence line and he was looking for all of us who had found cover in different spots. But if we didn’t have return fire right there, he would have come up to each one of us and shot us point-blank.
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There was a ‘trail of blood’.

Scalise was fielding balls on second base when he was shot, Flake said. He said the congressman dragged himself 10 to 15 yards into the outfield to get further away from the gunman.

Initial reports said that as many as 50 shots had been fired, but Flake said, “50 would be an understatement. He had a lot of ammo.”

Rep. Mo Brooks, an Alabama Republican, said that Scalise had what appeared to be “a hip wound.” The Alabama lawmaker said he colleague “crawled into the outfield, leaving a trail of blood.

“We started giving him the liquids, I put pressure on his wound in his hip,” Brooks said.

Brooks said two law enforcement officers were believed to be among the others shot.

Multiple Republicans were shot at an early morning Congressional baseball practice, including aides and security.
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Steve Scalise (R-LA) is the House Majority Whip and a powerful Republican in Washington.

It appears that the gunman asked if the people on the field were Democrats or Republicans.

The shooting went on for 10 minutes and the estimate is that 50 to 100 rounds were fired.

The shooter used a rifle.

CNN reports:

Scalise was reportedly shot in the hip and at least one other aide was also hit in the chest by a gunman with a rifle. Scalise is expected to survive.

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) said the gunman was shot. He also said a staffer used a belt as a tourniquet to stop Scalise’s bleeding.

The shots were reported on East Monroe Street in Del Ray, Alexandria police said on Twitter at 7:30 a.m. The location was near a YMCA.

Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) said he was leaving the practice when a man approached them and asked if Republicans or Democrats were on the field.

He said the encounter was “very, very strange.”
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This shooting was horrific, as they all are.

If it was politically motivated, even more so.

Americans should have the ability to have amicable political discourse, but that seems to be impossible after November 9, 2016.

The Left, in particular, seem to have lost the capacity.

The Democrats on Capitol Hill are all about obstruction and Impeachment.

Some rank-and-file Leftists are taking the cue from their leaders, but are upping the ante. The calls for assassination, ‘Rape Melania’, ‘Punch a Nazi’, ‘By any means necessary’, Antifa riots, an ISIS-style behead the President propaganda video, staging President Trump as Julius Caesar to be assassinated — it all normalizes violence against Republicans.

And now we have multiple people shot.

It looks like they were targeted because they were Republicans.

As ClashDaily has said many times, the battleground isn’t a physical one, it’s in the realm of ideas.

Democrats know that they cannot win with their eat-the-rich, redistributive, identity politics, so they have to cast the battle as good vs. evil.

The news is still breaking, but if this was a politically motivated shooting, two things can be guaranteed:

1. The Democrats will focus on the gun, not the motivation of the shooter

2. Somehow it will be President Trump’s fault

Thoughts and prayers are with all those that have been injured.

ClashDaily will update this story as more information becomes available.

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