British Police Commissioner, ‘Gun Owners Can HELP Fight Terrorists’ – Texans Be Like, ‘DUH!’

Published on June 13, 2017

Well, LOOK who came late to the party! Thanks for finally showing up!

At least ONE person in charge is at least starting to ask the right questions.

A police commissioner has caused alarm among rank and file officers by suggesting that members of the public who own guns could help defend rural areas against terror attacks. Alison Hernandez, the Devon and Cornwall police and crime commissioner, said she was interested in having a conversation with the chief constable about whether ordinary people with gun licences could assist in a terrorist crisis.

A caller to the show asked the right follow-up question.

They did the math. They understood that it took EIGHT minutes for the cops to show up in London. Scratch that… it didn’t take eight minutes for the cops to show up… it took eight minutes for the ones with GUNS to show up.

And in the meantime? People died. Or were carved up with impunity.

The defenders did what they could with locked doors, improvised weapons. Chairs, pint glasses and the like.

The caller had sense enough to ask… suppose I had a gun in the CITY? And one of these murderous bastards came at me? What happens if I shoot him dead?

In Texas, that’s simple. They throw a parade in your honor, and you’d never have to pay for a pint of beer in that town, ever. Not for the rest of your life.

But even the Commissioner didn’t have an answer for her. She thought it was a question worth exploring.

What’s to explore? If you’re in a no-win situation where violence is certain, and someone is GOING TO die, why stack the odds against the law-abiding civilian?

This is the whole POINT of the Second Amendment. Nobody can EVER be made to forfeit their right to defend themselves from a threat.

And as the police in London showed so clearly, it’s the GUN that made the difference. In the hands of a properly trained and prepared owner, firearms can make even a 95 pound grandmother become — instantly — a lethal threat to the terrorist thug.

And what did the OTHER British cops say when they heard about this? Do you even NEED to ask?

Here is their official statement:

Well, close enough. They shrieked like schoolgirls seeing a mouse, and began worrying — not about whether that would save any citizens’ lives — but about civilians using a GUN. ‘Taking up arms’ they called it, as though they’d be leading an armed rebellion.

If you had a jihadi out to kill you, would it REALLY matter if you killed him with a pool cue, a beer stein, a brick, a knife or a freaking cartoon piano falling from the sky?

Isn’t the whole point that the right person in that conflict leaves feet-first? We’ve already established that an armed Bobby can’t be everywhere at the same time.

Do we really care HOW the jihadi on the killing spree gets put down, so long as it does?

Those blokes in the UK really need to get a change in perspective, before they find themselves on the wrong side of the next attack.

Here’s a good place to reset that perspective.

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