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Chicago’s Gay Pride Parade — Is It Really All About Hate?

Chicago’s Gay Pride Parade outed much more than sexual preference this past weekend when they kicked out parade goers carrying gay flags with the Star of David displayed on them.

Hatred that was always at the core of liberal ideology was finally thrust into the spotlight and there’s no going back. Never was it so open. Never was it so accepted. Until now it was hidden.

Its “coming out” at a gay parade seems as perfect a place as any.

Doing so is a very important signal that inclusiveness and equality is no longer desired, instead to be replaced with revenge and intimidation.

For years, specialized groups that cater to specific skin colors or genders or sexual feelings have had to hide their blind discrimination, racism and sexism.

They acted like parasites, publicly clinging onto the accomplishments of others who pushed equality and freedom from discrimination, while secretly growing their ranks by promising revenge.

But they always kept their overt hatred for others behind closed doors.

The desire of the political left to control the political process and the government was the end, and to pretend to be fair and inclusive was always a means to that end.

Over the years, a split began when some became dispelled after learning that organizations like the ACLU and the YWCA aren’t really for equality, but for a specific political agenda that promotes a specific political party.

The Bloomington Illinois chapter of the Young Women’s Christian Association even went so far as to remove the “Christian” part of their name, so as to send a message of contempt for Christians.

And that same chapter lost a case before a Human Relations Commission for discriminating based on race in 2016.

They don’t care about equality. They care about the power that comes to those who pretend to care about equality.

This reality began to unravel when the atrocities of President Bill Clinton were made public, and those who spent a lifetime attacking others in the name of women’s rights were caught doing nothing.

They were preserving their power by protecting someone who was engaged in doing the very thing that they claimed to fight against.

There was no going back then, the hypocrisy was growing and most in the political left ignored it.

Democrat Senator Bob Byrd was appointed by his Democrat peers as an esteemed president pro-temp of the United States Senate as a former sheet-wearing member of the KKK, while Republican Trent Lott was dismissed from his position in the very same body for complimenting a man who was considered racist on his birthday.

More recently, the division between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton supporters sent a very loud message that something finally had to be done, the political left simply had to embrace who they are and stop hiding.

People were getting too confused and actually starting to believe that “equality” was the ultimate goal.

Those who kicked Jews out of the Gay Pride Parade knew what they were doing. This was thought out. This was deliberate.

And in many ways this was a message to those in the Democrat party who have a conscience, who believe in freedom, civil rights, and equality.

This was a message: that they need not attend the Gay Pride Parade should their desire for liberty exceed their passion for political advancement, and they can leave the Democrat party while they’re at it.

It’s all about the party, the power. And there was a strangely familiar parallel in history.

The Nazi Party in Germany put party first also. They also picked the Jewish people as an enemy to lash out at publicly.

Their plan to persuade society to believe that Jews must be killed came in stages also.

Although no one is (yet) calling for death of an entire group of people, the process of “how we get there from here” is no different.

If Democrats are going to unite and win elections than those who don’t fall in line must be bullied, harassed, and intimidated into doing so. Kick out the Jews at the parade? If they will go along with that, they will go along with anything.

It’s a test as much as it’s a signal to the Bernie faction of the party: get in line or get the hell out.

But it’s not just a way to control Democrat party operatives, it’s also a way to intimidate anyone seeking to participate in the political process.

When I was running for mayor of Bloomington Illinois earlier this year, I was booed for quoting the words of Dr. Martin Luther King calling for judgment of others based on the “content of their character and not the color of their skin.”

The question, during a debate at a local NAACP hall was how I would handle constituents of a different color.

The room started shouting me down, women with pink and purple hair started snorting and spitting, and I realized that I forget to attribute the words to King. It was a sad thought that I would actually have to do so.

Not convinced that gay pride parade is a parade of exclusion and hate?

Take these 3 things:

• Severed head of Donald Trump
• Sign reading “We Hate Christians”
• Discussing how Rep. Steve Scalise deserved to be shot for his bad policies

The above have all been embraced in some way, shape, or form by those who align themselves with the political power players of the Gay Movement (not the gay people, but the movement).

These accepted behaviors serve up revenge and attract those who want it. They do not help equality. They do not help civil rights.

As those on Chicago’s west and southside know all too well, the politics of revenge never reaches those who buy into it in hopes that things will become better.

The open promise of equality has become a false religion of sorts, existing only in the minds of those who decide to believe it.

It attracts followers but makes no forward progress.

This, in many ways, is why Chicago is in such bad shape.

The remarkable reality is that the following acts of equality and expression would be disallowed or at least discouraged at the gay pride Parade:

• Jewish flags
• Chanting “We are all equal”
• Calling for “All lives” to matter
The decision by those who coordinated the gay pride parade in Chicago was one of fulfilling the agenda of the political left.

It had nothing to do with sexual preference and everything to do with exclusion based on something uncontrollable.

This goes against the very purpose of the parade.

We cannot allow anyone to be discriminated against for their beliefs, whether gay or Jewish, or even Christian.

photo credit: Jeanne Menjoulet Paris Pride 2017 via photopin (license)

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Ian Bayne

Ian Bayne is a former radio talk show host and political consultant. He is currently a small business owner living in central Illinois. Follow him on Twitter @ ianbayneisright

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