CLASH POLL: Do You CARE If A Certain ‘Religion’ Hates Our BEER, BACON & BIKINIS?

Does it even cross your mind?

Or are you just too busy with work, family, and occasionally having a good time to notice?

Well, one religion doesn’t like any of those things.

Alcohol is a problem, so are pork products, and women showing skin.

There goes the weekend pool party.

Watch these folks get attacked in Wales for drinking beer:

Hey, maybe it would’ve been better if Heineken had them talk their differences out over a cold one… oh, wait.

You know how the leftists champion the ‘freedom of choice’ for women — unless it’s staying home to take care of a family, that’s just not permitted.

Look! Here are some ‘feminist’ examples of ‘freedom’ now:

And that new Wonder Woman movie? Eh, it could’ve been better with a veil:

Actually, no. I take that back.

Gal Gadot is perfect as Wonder Woman, thanks.

And she’s Israeli!

ClashDaily published this article about the shocking difference in countries before and after Sharia.

I’ll take my pool party with bacon burgers and beer.

And maybe a side of ribs, too.

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